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    Family policies released at Family First Forum

    By HEF Admin | September 9, 2008

    Family policies released at Family First Forum

    Kiwi Party Leader Larry Baldock released the party’s Family Policy brochure at the Family First Forum today.

    Speaking to the forum delegates Mr Baldock said, “This brochure brings together our policies from a wide range of portfolios which will, we believe, impact positively on New Zealand families.

    Of course our number one priority is to ensure that the referendum on the anti-smacking law is respected and that law repealed to return parental authority back to the homes of good parents all over this country.”

    “This list of family policies makes it abundantly clear that our vision for the strengthening of family life in New Zealand does not rest on one issue alone. The Kiwi party is not a single issue party. The truth is our nation’s families have been negatively affected by so many government policies and laws over the past few decades. These now need to be rectified and we have a huge amount of work ahead of us in that regard. It is difficult to prioritise just the “top ten” when they are all so important to the health of our nation.

    “What we can be clear about is that the top ten priorities released by the National party at their conference last month do not have a single item that addresses the social engineering of Labour’s last nine years.

    “We believe it is vitally important that we establish a Royal Commission to begin ‘understanding and addressing the wider causes of family breakdown, family violence and child abuse.’ We have already written comprehensive draft terms of reference for that Commission’s task, which would also include reviewing the impact of the DPB as part of welfare reform.

    “As partner to the next government we would immediately begin investing in pre-marriage, marriage enrichment and parenting education programmes to put the nation on a path towards rebuilding stronger families.

    “Our family policies will make a very positive difference to the quality of life for current and future generations of Kiwis. We look forward to the support of the family organisations represented at this important Forum, as we embark on our election campaign over the next 8 -10 weeks” said the Kiwi Party leader.


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    One Response to “Family policies released at Family First Forum”

    1. Mr Dennis Says:
      September 9th, 2008 at 3:32 am

      For a far more detailed set of family policies, which:
      – Already includes all the good bits from Kiwi’s policy
      – Plus many other useful policies to help families
      – Plus actual strategies to get there (such as actual policies to ensure housing affordability rather than just a statement that houses should be affordable)

      Check out The Family Party:

      The Family Party is currently the highest polling party outside parliament and has a higher chance of actually achieving representation after this election than Kiwi does. The party has representatives from a wide range of churches, both Protestant and Catholic, along with former members of the Christian Heritage, Destiny and United Future parties. Well worth checking out.