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    Craig Smith: Gone to Glory

    By HEF Admin | October 3, 2011

    Dear friends, on Friday morning, Craig was very drowsy and spent most of the day asleep. He remained peaceful and quiet and deeply unconscious all afternoon. Late in the evening it became difficult for him to breathe and in a short time, about 11:35pm on Friday the 30th of September 2011 our gracious God took Craig home to Heaven.

    We have all felt so completely surrounded by the Lord’s peace and love and the support and help of our dear brothers and sisters in Christ, family and friends. We will miss our husband and father yet we are thankful to know his eternal state with such certainty and look forward to seeing him again in Glory. We so appreciate all your prayers and support.

    With love from Barbara and the children.

    Funeral arrangements for Craig Smith

    The funeral service will take place, Lord Willing, at

    1pm on Friday the 7th of October

    at Central Baptist Church, 190 Church Street, Palmerston North

    Approx 2:30pm you are invited to join the family at the grave-side at

    Kelvin Grove Cemetery, James Line, Pamlerston North


    Light refreshments will be available from 2:30pm at the

    Reformed Church, 541 Ruahine Street, Palmerston North

    During the afternoon tea at about 3:30pm there will be tributes from:

    Zach Smith on behalf of our family

    David Waldron on behalf of families

    John de Vries on behalf of the Reformed Church

    Roy Sandbrook (including Kate Jaunay) on behalf of Home Educators

    Here are a number of YouTube videos that Craig made when he almost died at the end of August. He shares his heart with you all here:

    What is the number one issue I need to settle? Pt 1

    What is the number one issue I need to settle? Pt 2

    What is the number one issue I need to settle? Pt 3

    What is the number one issue I need to settle? Pt 4

    What is the number one issue I need to settle? Pt 5

    What does it mean to be a Christian Pt 2

    What does it mean to be a Christian Pt 1

    Updates here



    Craig’s diary



    new Youtube clips (still more to go up here over the next few weeks):


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