Family First on TVOne’s Good Morning show

In case you missed Family First on TVOne’s Good Morning show this morning and wanted to see it..

You can watch the interview here
starts at 2 hours 5 minutes. Has 4 minute ad part way through. You can change the format to Broadband if you want to by clicking on the option at the bottom of the screen. 2 blocks of 5-7 minutes.

It is worth watching as you can get an understanding of the ideology of two of the key promoters of the anti-smacking law, and how much further they may wish to intrude into family homes with their agenda – an agenda being driven by the UN throughout the world. Especially note the comments towards the end by the former Children’s Commissioner.

If you are concerned about the bias of the interview (as many people were who contacted us today) you can give the programme feedback on

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  1. Serena Roper Avatar
    Serena Roper

    Trying to access interview on Good Morning show only leads to last date recorded ie Friday 23 May.

    Can’t access Archive interview on TVNZ website so far. Is there anywhere else I can view the interview?

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