Section 59 Crimes Act Repeal Bill
Green MP Sue Bradford’s “anti-smacking” bill is up for debate.

Ms Bradford’s bill is now a private member’s bill.

The bill, which is going through a clause by clause debate in Parliament, comfortably passed its first real hurdle.

National MP Chester Borrows first series of amendments were not upheld with votes against the amendments of 63 to 58.

When debate resumes on the bill, MPs will debate Mr Borrows next amendment, which seeks to permit reasonable force, defined as a light smack with the hand with a trifling and transitory impact.

The bill, which removes the defence of using reasonable force to discipline a child for anyone accused of assault, has had New Zealanders split on its merits.

How do you feel?

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Some are hard to find on the internet – including the Young Labour who pulled their website.

1. – Two old polls that were at this address but now replaced with another poll

The proposed ‘anti-smacking’ bill has caused a lot of confusion. What do you understand to be the bill’s purpose?
To stop parents from smacking their children altogether 41%
To stop parents from physically abusing their children 14%
To make it easier for abusive parents to be prosecuted 10%
All of the above 24%
I’m still not sure 10%

2. Do you support an outright ban on smacking children?
Yes, I do 9%
No, I don’t 90%
Not sure 2%

Q. Would you like to see Sue Bradford’s smacking bill watered down?
Results as at 3:00pm 13 March 2007
Yes 2121 votes, 55.9%
No 524 votes, 13.8%
The bill should be dumped altogether 1148 votes, 30.3%

Q. Should light smacking still be legal when the new bill goes through?
Results as at 3:00pm Tuesday 13 March 2007
4497 votes since Mar 12 2007
Yes 93% 4166 votes
No 7% 302 votes
Undecided 1% 29 votes

This website was open to the public until 13 March then the whole website was pulled off the internet. It is now back but only members can go onto it.
Should Section 59 be repealed?
Results at 1:55pm 13 March 2007
No 1789 60.2%
Yes 1182 39.8%
Number of Voters 2971
First Vote Monday, 05 March 2007 09:49
Last Vote Tuesday, 13 March 2007 01:55

Should parents have the right to smack their children for discipline?
Result: 90% say yes
result under “more polls”

Do you believe that the removal of section 59 will reduce child abuse in New Zealand?
4% YES
96% NO
Responses received: 2442
results under “Previous polls”

Do you support the anti-smacking bill currently before Parliment?
Yes: 2.95%
No: 97.05%

Should smacking be:
4% Outlawed in all circumstances
96% Permitted in some circumstances, within reason.

Were you smacked as a kid? If so, how did it leave you feeling?

Occasional smack: and no big deal (1012 votes, 70.2%)
Occasional smack: I still really resent it. (56 votes, 3.9%)
Smacked hard: but I never think about it. (304 votes, 21.1%)
Smacked hard: and the trauma still there. (70 votes, 4.9%)

11. tv3 poll
National says it will change the smacking law if it doesn’t work. Are you confident that police will administer the law well and that ‘good parents’ won’t be criminalised?
Results as at 5:51 27 June 2007:
Yes 14%
No 76%
Not sure 10%

There are about another 8 – 10 polls showing similar results


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