Detox from c. j.ab

October 13th, 2021

Detoxing from Spike ProteinTransmission, Masks, PCR Tests, Jab

This is incomplete and I will be adding to it as I find out new things, and deleting those things that have been shown not to work. I am not qualified in any way to be doing this except that I have started collecting anything I find on the above because family and friends have been asking me about detoxing. I am a mother of eight, grandmother of 26 so I have been motivated to find out what I can. My children live in New Zealand, Australia and the USA – all places of concern.

A doctor gave some advice for people who get the jab…at least 4 days before the vaccine take 50,000iu vitamin d, 1-2 g vit c few days before and after and no alcohol.

Tyler Tolman has a free web event coming up on Thursday October 14th. It is called “Detox from the V-TOX”.

*** (In all vaccines in Australia at the moment) (must read)

*** (must watch)

*** (must read)

***Deep Roots at Home: (must read)

Before you take advice or start any of the suggested protocols, watch this report then find yourself a naturopath that does live and dry blood analysis (haemaview) to see the state of your blood (as the lady in the video does) and to know how it has affected you now and in the future.

Other good things people have mentioned that can be taken

*Resveratol ( caps the spike protien)
*Colonic cleanses
*Parasite cleanse
*Cordyceps mushroom extract
*Turkey tail mushroom extract
*Olive leaf extract
*High does Vitamin C (slowly work up to *10,000mg)
*Lots of sun for Vit D to help absorb everything
*Green vegetables
*Fennell tea
*Star anise tea
*Pine needle tea (Google to find out how to make and which needles to use) 3tbsp of needles per metric cup, 4 times a day when exposed)
*Dandelion Root Tea
*Dandelion chai tea
*Epson Salts and Baking powder baths will draw the toxins out.
*B12 plus multi B
*Black seed oil
*Diffused pine and wintergreen oils plus thieves
*Briegans compound (homeopathic)
*Colloidal Silver 5ml 1 x day prevents the cytokine storm phase. Also available with nasal spray (use it particularly after nasal swob.)
*TRS from Deep Roots at Home
*Cod Liver Oil
*Probiotics and prebiotics like Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kefir/yoghurt and psyllium husk if you don’t get enough daily fiber in your diet are all good for the gut. Our gut health is essential to the optimal functioning of our immune syste


  1. Vitamin D3
  2. Quercetin: Quercetin and EGCG act as zinc ionophores (J. Agric. Food Chem. 2014),
    the same mechanism of action that hydroxychloroquine has
    via helping zinc pass the cell wall where it might halt viral replication.
    White pine needle tea…
  3. Vitamin C
  4. Zinc: zinc gluconate, zinc citrate and zinc picolinate.
  5. Curcumin and Turmeric
  6. Melatonin
  7. NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) vs Glutathione… NAC may also protect against coagulation problems
    Glutathione and Selenium
  8. Green Tea (EGCG): strong oxidative stress-reducing and anti-inflammatory effects of green tea catechins, including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), have been well established. A solution of green tea catechins was found to inactivate COVID-19 virus in the laboratory (Ref).

Dr Zelenko’s prevention protocol recommends the following for COVID-19 prevention for Low and Moderate Risk Patients:

  1. Elemental Zinc 25mg 1 time a day (PubMed)
    2.1. Quercetin 500mg 1 time a day until a safe and efficacious vaccine becomes available. If Quercetin is unavailable, then use
    2.2. Epigallocatechin-gallate (EGCG) 400mg 1 time a day (J. Agric. Food Chem. 2014)
  2. Vitamin D3 5000 iu 1 time a day
  3. Vitamin C 1000mg 1 time a day (PubMed)
    EGCG (Green Tea Extract), Quercetin, Zinc, Vitamin C and D – Zelenko Treatment Protocol
    Vaxed or not, good protocol to integrate into our daily routine

Another protocol
While all of this is highly problematic, there is help. As noted by Mikovits, remedies to the maladies that might develop post-vaccination include:
*Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin treatments. Ivermectin appears particularly promising as it actually binds to the spike protein. Please listen to the interview that Brett Weinstein did with Dr. Pierre Kory,19 one of Dr. Paul Marik’s collaborators
* Low-dose antiretroviral therapy to reeducate your immune system
* Low-dose interferons such as Paximune, developed by interferon researcher Dr. Joe Cummins, to stimulate your immune system
Peptide T (an HIV entry inhibitor derived from the HIV envelope protein gp120; it blocks binding and infection of viruses that use the CCR5 receptor to infect cells)
* Cannabis, to strengthen Type I interferon pathways
* Dimethylglycine or betaine (trimethylglycine) to enhance methylation, thereby suppressing latent viruses
* Silymarin or milk thistle to help cleanse your liver
From my perspective, I believe the best thing you can do is to build your innate immune system. To do that, you need to become metabolically flexible and optimize your diet. You’ll also want to make sure your vitamin D level is optimized to between 60 ng/mL and 80 ng/mL (100 nmol/L to 150 nmol/L), ideally through sensible sun exposure. Sunlight also has other benefits besides making vitamin D.
Use time-restricted eating and eat all your meals for the day within a six- to eight-hour window. Avoid all vegetable oils and processed foods. Focus on certified-organic foods to minimize your glyphosate exposure, and include plenty of sulfur-rich foods to keep your mitochondria and lysosomes healthy. Both are important for the clearing of cellular debris, including these spike proteins. You can also boost your sulfate by taking Epsom salt baths.
To combat the toxicity of the spike protein, you’ll want to optimize autophagy, which may help digest and remove the spike proteins. Time-restricted eating will upregulate autophagy, while sauna therapy, which upregulates heat shock proteins, will help refold misfolded proteins and also tag damaged proteins and target them for removal. It is important that your sauna is hot enough (around 170 degrees Fahrenheit) and does not have high magnetic or electric fields. From

Instead of aspirin take Natto (Nattokinase)

People to listen to with good advise
World Doctors Alliance
Dr Judy Mikovits
Dr Tenpenny

Where to buy some of these items
NAC – iherb or Gore Street Medical, Hobart or

From Billy Hill – Franklin, Tasmania
All good for detoxing from the jab

This is incomplete and will be updated regularly as new information comes out – some things might be deleted and new things added.

Trust this is helpful. Please mention in the comments things I should delete from this list and things I should add. Thanks

Petition asking the church to make a statement about the use of aborted babies in vaccines

February 6th, 2021

Around the world there is an increasing push to remove the ability for people to decline vaccines for themselves or their dependents for religious reasons. Why? Because no churches have statements objecting to vaccines for any reason.12

However, there are valid reasons why people would object to vaccines—the foremost of which is the use of aborted babies in vaccines. If churches would make statements about the use of aborted babies in vaccines it would empower those who would decline vaccines to do so. It would also provide assistance in the fight against government mandated or coerced vaccination and even to appeal to private businesses to rethink their coercive policies.3

Please consider taking these actions.

A.      Print, fill out, sign and give the petition to the leadership of your local church. 

B.      Send the petition to all your Christian contacts in the world asking them to do the same.

The petition is designed to be signed by individual Christians anywhere in the world and given to their local church. It asks their church to: one, make a statement opposing the use of fetal cell lines in vaccines and mandatory or coerced vaccination and two, communicate this opposition with the congregation and with the appropriate politicians. 

The petition is designed to accomplish these things:

1.       Raise awareness of the issue of the use of fetal cell lines in vaccines. 

2.       Alert people so that they are ready to fight against mandatory/coerced vaccines. 

3.       Create a ground swell of churches making statements on this issue (and posting them on their websites) to empower people to fight against mandatory/coerced vaccination. 

4.       Raise an objection to mandatory/coerced vaccines with the state pre-emptively. 

These four things will create a good foundation for if/when further appeals need to be made to the state not to force or coerce vaccination.

Petition to the Church to Re-Open

January 31st, 2021

We submit to you that the governmental responses to the SARS CoV 2 virus have been in error. They have followed the precedent set by communist China for responding to a potential pandemic rather than a Biblical precedent. In doing so, they have acted ultra vires their God-given jurisdiction in these ways:

A. By requiring the whole population to quarantine rather than just those who are sick.

B. By requiring businesses to close.

C. By engaging in quantitative easing.

D. By initially prohibiting protests against the lockdown.

E. By prohibiting the church from assembling together.

The state has broken covenant with its citizens.

Insofar as the church has stood by silently while the state took these actions, the church has also broken covenant.

The Bible teaches us what we should have done.

For more information and the Petition please go to the links below:

Petition for religious or conscientious reasons – re vaccines

January 29th, 2021

In links below are petitions asking the church to make a statement about the use of aborted babies in vaccines.

In Australia we recently lost the ability to decline vaccines for religious reasons. We lost this ability because no churches in Australia had a statement objecting to vaccines for any reason.

The USA is going down this track too with five states so far removing the ability to object for religious reasons and Biden wanting that to apply across the board for Covid-19 vaccines.

Kiwiland is pretty good about not forcing vaccines, but if they follow Australia, they might lose this ability too.

The petitions below have been put together particularly for New Zealanders and Australians.

The Covid-19 vaccine rollout is due to start in February in Australia and many quarters are talking about the need for government and/or employers to make it mandatory. Some airlines have said you won’t be able to fly internationally with them unless you take the vaccine. These coercive measures for an experimental vaccine are out of line. There will be many who will want to decline the vaccine for religious or conscientious reasons. It is hoped that if lots of churches make a statement about the use of aborted babies in vaccines, that this will help people who want to decline to be vaccinated, to do so. At any rate, it is a step closer to winning back the ability to object for religious or conscientious reasons.

Please read the links below and if you agree, take these actions:

  1. Fill it out with the name of your church and your name, sign, date and give to the leadership of your church.
  2. Forward the petition to all your Christian contacts in Australia and New Zealand. Ask them to do the same.

The numbers in the body of these petitions are not hyperlinks. They are just blue numbers pointing to the footnotes!

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Programme in comments.


Needing help for your home schooling journey:


Here are a couple of links to get you started home schooling:

Information on getting started


Information on getting an exemption

This link is motivational:

Exemption Form online:


The Ministry of Education’s latest recommendations for Sexuality Education in schools

March 1st, 2019

1. Ministry of Sexualisation.

2. Gender theory taught to 5 year olds.

3. Gender clinics, and secrets kept from parents.

4.Sexuality forced into every subject even maths

Ministry of Sexualisation: Part 2

February 25th, 2019

This is Part 2 of the series exposing the latest recommendations by the Ministry of Education.

Gender Theory and multiple genders could to be taught in a “School-wide” approach.
The themes are so interwoven into the curriculum that it’s impossible to even teach around it.

Gender theory and other nauseating themes are discussed at just 5 years old.

For now these recommendations are simply a guide, but the schools that do adopt it will have no opt-out. It will be worked into every theme and aspect of school life.

The next step is making it mandatory in every school.

This is unacceptable, and we all need to take action on this.

Ministry of Sexualisation: Part 2

Online videos show 11-year-old Desmond Napoles dancing on stage in a bar while grown men throw money at him neonnettle

After introducing you to part one yesterday, the investigative series continues.

Schools should be a safe place to be, but for the majority, they will soon become unsafe. Safe Schools has landed in New Zealand, with the blessing of the Ministry of Education.

[…] No other special interest group is granted such privileges.
We don’t devote entire lessons to the visually impaired, create ‘blind pride’ days, or include blind heroes in every class. We don’t demand teachers police blind-phobic language, or that they wear braille name-tags.

Perhaps we should. It would give a far more positive school environment than constantly bringing sex to the forefront of children’s minds.
This is the essence of what the Rainbow movement is about.

The entire culture and worldview is centred around who a person wants to have sex with.

Perhaps we should just let kids be kids.

I recently wrote a four-part series of articles exposing the hidden aspects of the Secondary School program Mates&Dates. The program uses innocuous sounding words such as “gender stereotypes”.

“Gender Stereotypes” classes are not teaching kids that it’s okay for girls to like rugby and boys to like cooking. They are teaching a redefined meaning of gender.

Source: Ministry of Education

Gender is taught as a “continuum” which has no relation to your biological function. This spectrum of gender holds that any child can be “neither” or “both” male and female because a person’s biological reality does not influence how they act.

If a girl is butch and likes rugby, she’s actually closer to being a boy – and perhaps she really is a boy trapped in the wrong body. Don’t worry kiddo, we’ve got scalpels and hormones to liberate you.

Thus a boy who thinks he’s a girl is a girl, in every way. Biology doesn’t matter, because gender is self-identified and merely socially constructed.

The root of the belief is that our Western “colonial” culture is oppressive, heteronormative and patriarchal and has forced us into two rigid boxes.

They are intent on destroying our western “construct”.

Ironically, Western heteronormative colonial countries are actually the safest for LGBT people.

The proponents of these ideas often point to tiny and obscure tribes where men and women have mixed gender roles, in an attempt to prove that gender is disconnected from biology.

‘Teachers were shown a graph with Barbie at one end and GI Joe at the other.’

Parents are being excluded from the transgender debate.

The Ministry of Education has used exactly the same terminology of “gender stereotypes” and “social messages”.

In the official recommendations, teachers are told to “question gender stereotypes and norms”.

This starts in Year 1, for kids just 5 years old.

It doesn’t stop there.

In studying the official Sexuality Education Guidelines, the agenda drives deeper than simply understanding gender identity.

The tables on pages 16–22 of the guide show suggested learning intentions for sexuality education – what students should know or be able to do at each learning level.

Across that table the agenda has been so interwoven through each column so that a teacher who objects simply can’t avoid teaching it.

It reads a lot like Mates&Dates, but for primary-school children.

They have made certain it will permeate every part of the teaching of sexuality.

Level 1 (5-6 Years old)

  • A4: Describing different types of families
  • (Tommy has two dads)
  • D1 & 2: Dealing with bullying and harassment and speaking out for others
  • (Turning children into Language Police and pro LGBT activists)

Level 2  (6-7 Years old)

  • C2: Affirming diversity, questioning gender stereotypes
  • D2: Identifying locally available health care services
  • (where to get breast binders, no doubt)
  • B2: Questioning and discussing gender stereotypes in games and physical activities

Level 3  (7-8 Years old)

  • D2: Exploring community events that celebrate and affirm diversity
  • (What will that look like? Visiting the Pride parade?)

Level 4  (8-9 Years old)

  • A4: Critiquing dominant messages about body image and body size, and affirming diversity.
  • (Note: Affirming diversity, not simply understanding it.)
  • C1: Recognising the effects of changing roles on relationships
  • D1: Critiquing gendered and sexualised media images

Level 5  (9-10 Years old)

  • D1: Critiquing heteronormative messages and practices in the school and media
  • D3: Developing policies for supporting diversity of gender and sexual identities

Level 6  (10-11 Years old)

  • D4: Planning and carrying out actions which support diverse gender and sexual identities

Level 7  (11-12 Years old)

  • C2: Analysing beliefs, attitudes, and practices that reinforce stereotypes and influence choices
  • (such as sexism, homophobia, gender binary)
  • D2: Advocating for diversity
  • (Turning children into Trans-activists)

Teachers are told to build learning programs “that meet students’ developmental needs”.

Source: Ministry of Education

Carefully reading through the image above, teachers apparently need to talk about sexual pleasure, how babies are made and that some boys like having sex with other boys – to 5-year-olds. Other examples given by The Ministry of Education suggest teachers can explain that children can express their sexuality through their clothing choices.

Let’s think about that carefully for a moment.
Children… express[ing] sexuality.

The Ministry of Education has become the Ministry of Sexualisation.

Adding to the whole-school approach, The Ministry of Education wants Minus-18 posters plastered around the school.

The Ministry also recommends holding a “pronoun nametag day”, so that students can choose their own pronouns.

For now, these changes by the Ministry of Education are “suggestions” – until Chris Hipkins gets his way with his proposed “Tomorrow’s Schools” changes. Those will strip local parent-led boards of their power, and centralise authority in regional government organisations.

Parents and families will no longer get a choice.

We all need to take action immediately.

  • Sign the petition to stop Transgender teaching in New Zealand schools.
  • Visit your school and ensure you know what’s being taught, by demanding to see specific resources. (Please remember teachers and principals are not necessarily in favour of this ideology and many are afraid to speak out against it for fear of losing their registration or being alienated by their peers.)
  • Ask your children what they are learning at school.
  • Speak to your Member of Parliament and express your concerns.
  • Tell your friends, and share this information far and wide.

    Our silence is interpreted as consent….

The time to push back is now, or else our schools will no longer be safe.


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Self-described “politics enthusiast with aspirations”.

Jared is married and is a father to five sons. He has a background in engineering and enjoys deer hunting in the beautiful South Island beech forests in his spare time.

please make sure you’ve also signed the petition

I’m helping write and present the submission, so thanks for your support.…/petition-of-helen-houghton…

Ministry of Sexualisation: Part 1

February 24th, 2019

by Jared Luke on February 19, 2019

Image from Vogue Paris 2011

Schools should be a safe place to be, but for the majority, they will soon become unsafe. Safe Schools has landed in New Zealand, with the blessing of the Ministry of Education.

Three things stand out from the above image:

1. The Ministry of Education wants “inclusive school-wide systems”.

2. The Ministry of Education officially sanctions the “Safe schools coalition”

3. Views which are not in favour of homosexual & Trans’ people are a form of “violence”.

The Ministry of Education website is now littered with links and videos directing teachers to Minus-18 and The Safe schools coalition.

Safe Schools rocketed into the spotlight in Australia, mid-2017.
It’s been exposed as being overseen by several people who openly support paedophilia as a legitimate sexual orientation.

Gary Dowsett was one of them. He wrote a book about his support for “inter-generational love” called; Boiled Lollies and Bandaids; Gay men and kids   quote

How different then is the gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a paedophile and his or her lover. That kind of love, warmth and nurture is an important part of the paedophilic relationship end quote

Gary Dowsett

Let’s come back to that another day.

The new recommendations by The Ministry of Education bring in special assistance for disadvantaged groups such as: the hard of hearing, dyslexic and autistic children and kids with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

This is a positive thing because children with disabilities deserve equal access to education. Their disabilities really are barriers to a fair education.

Teachers are already required to give special assistance to these kids and have been doing so, regardless of the attractive new Ministry of Education website; which has new and now easily accessible resources.

When a teacher has a student with a particular religion that requires fasting, the teacher deals with that child privately – on an individual level.
The teacher may make general mention of this in the classroom and this could include the teacher making specific mention that some peoples religions require it, without singling the child out for scrutiny.
They certainly do not devote entire lessons to explaining Lent, learning about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or getting all kids to participate in a Hijab day.

The recommendations for LGBTIQA+ youth, however, are vastly different from those of the disabled groups. quote.

Seven common concerns
Listen and learn from students.
Create opportunities for them to share their concerns and experiences in ways that work for them. end quote.

Source:Ministry of Education:

When we examine the LGBTIQA+ content, the expectation is that there is a “school-wide” approach. The Ministry has recommended that LGBTIQA+ themes be incorporated “across the curriculum”.

This means that in English class, instead of reading To Kill a Mockingbird, they will read books devoted to transgenderism and same-sex attracted couples.

In History class, they will study inventions and political activist movements by Transgender role-models.

In Accounting, it could be a balance sheet to calculate how much money John has to pay for artificial insemination so that he can then give birth to his first non-binary child.

After all, some men can get pregnant. Or at least, so kids will be told in their Accounting class.

In Maths, they will solve an equation where a same-sex couple order a Pizza.


Surely this is just a gross exaggeration by a bigoted and “morally panicked” white male?
The evidence is in black and white on the Ministry’s own website.

To be continued…

Read more here:

Self-described “politics enthusiast with aspirations”.

Jared is married and is a father to five sons. He has a background in engineering and enjoys deer hunting in the beautiful South Island beech forests in his spare time.