Anti-smack bill reform possible, says Key

Anti-smack bill reform possible, says Key

NZ Herald September 09, 2008

The National Party will consider changing the anti-smacking laws if New Zealanders demand changes in a referendum, leader John Key says. The law was hot on the agenda at the NZ Forum on the Family in South Auckland yesterday, with Mr Key saying a strong referendum result should give a National government the confidence to change the legislation. Family First NZ hosted the event which gathered around 70 “pro-family groups” to listen to party leaders present their family-based policies.
Act leader Rodney Hide said: “You don’t need a referendum to convince me that this legislation is wrong.
United Future leader Peter Dunne said he would not change the existing law because of his belief in the worth of the child.
The other key concerns raised were whether civil unions would be abolished and whether abortion law would remain the same under a new government. Mr Key, Mr Hide and Mr Dunne all said there would be no changes made to civil unions. Mr Dunne said United Future would review abortion law.


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