Anti-Smacking Law Now Proved to Criminalise Good Parents


10 April 2008

Anti-Smacking Law Now Proved to Criminalise Good Parents

Family First NZ says that the charging of a Glen Innes man which was subsequently dismissed in the Auckland District Court today is evidence that good parents are victims of the anti-smacking law, a law which has done nothing to stem rates of real child abuse.

“The lawyer representing the father is agreeing with Family First’s original assertions that good and loving fathers (and mothers) would be victims of this ideologically flawed law, that members of families would use it against other members, and that supporters of Bradford’s anti-smacking law have simply abused child abuse laws,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.

Family First has already publicized many cases where good parents have come under the suspicion and investigation of CYF and police for light smacking, or not even smacking at all.

“As well as the many cases of good parents being investigated, here we have perfect evidence of wasted police resources and time and a good family impacted by badly drafted legislation resulting in a good father being charged and dragged through court.”

“It is sad that it comes in a week where a step-father has been charged with the murder of 22-month-old Tokoroa boy Tyla-Maree Darryl Flynn, a woman has been charged with the murder of ten-month-old Jyniah Mary Te Awa from Manurewa, a father has been charged with the murder of Otahuhu two-month-old Tahani Mahomed from Otahuhu last December, and two men have already pleaded guilty to the gang-related drive-by shooting of Wanganui toddler Jhia Te Tua,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“Sue Bradford was right. The anti-smacking law has done nothing to stop child abuse.”

Family First is demanding that the anti-smacking law be amended to protect good parenting, and that resources, policing and policy is targeted at the real causes of child abuse. Family First’s 5-point Action Plan can be viewed at

“The promises made by Helen Clark and John Key have tragically, especially for this family but also for all NZ parents, shown the law to be severely deficient,” says Mr McCoskrie.


For More Information and Media Interviews, contact Family First:

Bob McCoskrie JP – National Director

Tel. 09 261 2426 | Mob. 027 55 555 42

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6 responses to “Anti-Smacking Law Now Proved to Criminalise Good Parents”

  1. kiddy Avatar

    smacking hurts

  2. Yes kiddy, smacking hurts. But children who abide by the rules set down by their parents, will not be smacked/punished. The same goes for adults who abide by the rules of the society: they will not be punished.
    A smack is always preceded by a couple of warnings. The smack may cause a sudden, sharp discomfort that discourages children from repeating certain behaviours that their parents, who love them and care for them, disapprove of. But children who aren’t stopped from unacceptable behaviour and are brought up without boundaries, become totally confused and end up being despised and shunned by those around them.

    So kiddy, if you don’t want to be smacked, then obey your parents and be at your best behaviour always.

  3. but there should be some restrictions and borders .

  4. i think that section 59 stops god parents disciplining their children and it wont stop people beating their kids, if they gonna do it you cant stop them… do they really think that they will stand their with a pipe in their hand and be like “oh i cant do this their is a law saying i cant..” ah i don’t think so. therefore good parents being punished for simply trying to keep their children in line

  5. im about to be license to be a foster parent to my nepheves and niece but someone called some hot line saying stuff that wasnt true now the agentice wants backround check on everybody that comes to my house im just helping my brother it was just supposd to a temp. thing. now i feel like im the one being investigated sorry cant spell good can some one help

  6. anonymous Avatar

    July 29th, 2010 at 2:12 am
    Another dear little baby killed by a monster murderer politicians must fix this our leaders need to lead and repeal the antismacking law. Family First have the evidence to prove the real causes of child abuse Paula Bennett must go to their conference with Judy Bailey to find solutions fast before more precious babies die it is too sad for words.

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