“I Like the Big Brother Society” – Kiro

Apparently Cindy Kiro is not only ok with the “Big Brother” dobbing in of parents trying to do their jobs, but she is actually pleased people are doing it.

Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro says she is pleased to see people in the community making a stand against violence towards children after a Christchurch man was reported for flicking his son’s ear.

“My office strongly supported the law change to section 59 because all the evidence points to physical punishment as ineffective and in the hands of some people, dangerous.”

Heh, here’s where the lie gets mixed with the truth. Physical punishment was not what was banned – reasonable force as physical punishment was banned. No one ever suggested that unreasonable force (which is not “dangerous” by definition) should not be illegal.

Dr Kiro said it was important not to jump to conclusions and view what facts had been presented in the case.

Great! so I guess we won’t be seeing more quotes like this then:

She told Radio New Zealand the school was “irresponsible” and “I don’t think
the school should be doing that.” The same criticism was reported in newspapers throughout New Zealand. On national television she described me as “seriously misguided”. All that despite not knowing what I had done. All that despite the law under which she works requiring her not to “make any comment that is adverse to a person if the Commissioner has not given the person an opportunity to be heard.” When I asked her about the illegality of her comments she would not reply. It was just one of many things she won’t include in the “discussion” she initiated.

I guess we shouldn’t examine the good doctor too carefully…

“The incident was such that at least two bystanders contacted police.

One was a teacher and the other an off-duty police officer and if they were concerned, then I believe there was something to be concerned about.”

On the other hand, the teacher may be a socialist busy-body, who bullied the policeman into calling up his mates for no reason. Yet another mark off the reputation of the teaching profession.

She said she was especially concerned when she heard the punishment included hitting the child’s head.

“The most common cause of death by child abuse in this country is from injuries to the head. This should never be taken lightly.”

Technically, the ear is on the head.

If parents needed information about how to discipline children without the use of physical punishment, they could contact the commissioner’s office for information, Dr Kiro said.

Funny how Ms Kiro doesn’t share any of that wisdom with us here. Frankly I think most parents would rather walk a mile over hot coals than walk into that office and ask for “help” from a woman who is only interested in persecuting good parents, ignoring her statuary obligation* to investigate bad ones.

*link to Big News post pending.


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