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A couple of days ago I passed a group of women sitting at an outdoor table at a cafe, having morning tea together and chatting. They were definitely mothers, as there were a number of strollers parked around them, and babies sitting on some of their laps. As I passed by, I happened to catch the waft of the conversation – something to do with smacking, not smacking often, but needing to do so sometimes.

It occurred to me last night after putting up the Cindy Kiro post, that this one issue – the anti-smacking bill – has woken up a segment of society that normally ignores politics. In all my years as a mother and talking with other mothers, I’ve found very few are interested in politics. However, every mother I have talked to recently knows about the anti-smacking bill, and very few of the mothers I have talked to are for it. Most are disturbed by the bill.

Mothers typically do not have the time to make their opinions known to the movers and shakers, so anyone that thinks this issue has gone away and will go away is blind or deaf to the mothers in the community around them.


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