Don’t get mad- get even…even more signatures!

02 May 2008


Don’t get mad


– get even…



Here’s some interesting quotes….

Clark: “..they don’t want to see, ah, you know, stressed and harassed parents, ah, you know, called in by the police because they, they smacked a child, so I think there’s a debate to go on..”
Interviewer: “..right .. so, you don’t want to see smacking banned…”
Clark: “Absolutely not! I think you’re trying to defy human nature.”
Helen Clark – Radio Rhema – Election Campaign 2005

“I personally think that political parties that get so removed from the voters do suffer, and I think Helen Clark is effectively whipping and forcing her caucus to do something which frankly, in my view, is largely a conscience vote which is the way National is treating it with their MP’s”
John Key – Prime TV – before the law was passed

“The epidemic of child abuse and child violence in this country continues – sadly. My bill was never intended to solve that problem.”
Sue Bradford – National Radio – 21 Dec 07

United Future leader Peter Dunne, who voted in favour of the bill, is not surprised the petition has fallen short as he says it was something launched in a fit of pique. He says it is time for people to get over the issue . Mr Dunne says the petition organisers should have been more thorough with the gathering and collating of signatures.
Newstalk ZB this week!

We say…

Don’t get mad

– get even…




even more

















In order to avoid ANY doubt and to get around ANY formula used to discount invalid votes, we need to collect 20,000 – 30,000 signatures on BOTH petitions preferably within 2 weeks. 1. Print off the petition form containing the 2 petitions

2. Get as many signatures as you can on both petitions over the next 2 weeks

* ensure the person hasn’t already signed
* ensure they write clearly and complete all parts of the form
* ensure they are registered on the electoral roll to vote

* ensure you get people to fill in the “date of birth” column

3. Send them in to the address at the bottom of the petition form as soon as possible – preferably by Monday May 12. (Even forms only half filled should still be sent in as soon as)


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