FI-343-CIR Update no 20

30 January 2008 Family Integrity #343 — CIR Update no 20

From: Larry Baldock []
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2008 7:08 PM
Subject: CIR Update no 20


Hi Everyone,

It’s been a busy summer, phew! and a hot one.

I was planning to get this update out last week but somehow the days just slid by.

We spent last week with a great team of volunteers here in Tauranga cutting the petitions in to their separate forms and recounting. We completed recounting Sheryl’s petition and the good news is we had a few more than we thought.

After some very fruitful campaigns around the country over the last two weekends we are now over the 280,000 mark.

A lot of media coverage recently has seen more activity and increasing numbers of people seeking the petitions to sign.

The PM is saying we won’t make it, and then she says if we do, they won’t change it. Today on Radio Live she said “why would 113 MPs who voted for the law change then repeal it? Ah, I think it’s because 84% of the population want you to. You know, democracy is like that, MPs work for us!

The good news is that we are now very close to our first target of 300,000 and I believe we can comfortably make that by Feb 29 when we must hand them in.

The bad news is, (bad news, there is no bad news, only a challenge!) the challenge is that getting the 300,000 is the first phase. If you read the attachment (below Attachment no 3) called the process you will understand the next and final phase.

I was hoping we would have the total of my petition by today but it looks like it will take us another day or two so I will advise that in the next update. We definitely have less but perhaps it is not too far behind. I still feel strongly that we are to finish both so please do you best to get people to sign both whenever possible.

I will write an Op-Ed piece shortly to explain the importance of getting a referendum on the wider causes of family breakdown, family violence and child abuse.

I have attached a press release and Op-Ed (below Attachments 1 and 2) I put out today for your information. The Op-Ed should give clarity on when the referendum can be held. It would be a very brave and foolish PM in my opinion that would defer it from the election.

Renewed enthusiasm

It has been encouraging to be contacted by some of those who were very active at the beginning of our campaign who say they are now getting their second wind! That’s great. If we all got involved in February there is no telling how many signatures we could deliver on the 29th.

Materials available

A sign maker in Hamilton has offered to make signs on corflue with the wording we use on the signs you have seen on the pictures we sent out.

Don’t criminalise good parents, A smack is not abuse Sign the petition, Demand a Referendum. ( We have been using two signs but I think we could combine these statements into one now.)

He has offered to make these at cost so please let me know if you might want to order some.

I am also using a second couple of smaller signs

“The epidemic of Child Abuse and Child Violence in this country continues. My bill was never intended to solve this Problem.” Sue Bradford Green Party National Radio Dec 21.

“Our Referenda were always intended to address the wider causes of Child Abuse, Family Violence and Family Breakdown.” Larry Baldock Kiwi Party Jan 30th.

If you were not comfortable using the sign with The Kiwi Party on it, you could request it to be simply, Larry Baldock Petition organiser.

So let me know if you may like to place any orders.

Events coming up.

Katikata A & P show this Sunday Feb 3rd. Contact Travis & Tina Boyd 5491510

We very keen to get a team to the Martinborough fair in the Wairarapa as they have 20-30,000 attend there on Feb 2nd and March 1st. Contact Tony Arcus 06 3796668

Gore A & P Show this Sat Feb 2nd contact Natalie Souness 03 415 8243

Dannevirke A & P show Friday & Sat Feb 1st & 2nd contact Stephen 068578138

Te Puke A & P show Feb 9th. Contact me.

Napier Art Deco week Feb 12-17th Contact me.

And Natalie is also looking for helpers at the Waimumu Field Days Feb 13-15th

Also this weekend the Wellington Sevens. Friday –Saturday. There will be thousands all around the Cake Tin that will be ready to sign.

Contact Wayne 049775501

A & P Show Taumaranui Feb 9th Barb and I will be there but need to leave after lunch so we would appreciate someone who could take over then for us.

A & P show Te Puke Feb 9th. Contact me.

Fielding Field Days March 13th & 14th

Dragon Boat Festival Wellington March 16th

The Dargaville Field Days Feb 28-March 1st is also a good gathering I am told.

If you have an event coming up and want me to advertise it send me an email.

Happy holidays for those still enjoying time off. The weather is great. Keep up the good work. I hope you will be able to find a little time at least to join

The Great Summer Challenge!

Warm regards


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