Hundreds sign smacking petition at Manukau’s Waitangi event

7 Feb 08Hundreds sign smacking petition at Manukau’s Waitangi event

Hundreds of South Auckland residents signed the anti-smacking petition at Manukau’s Waitangi Family event yesterday, bringing the national tally closer to its goal.

Leader of the Family Party, Richard Lewis, says his team collected nearly 1300 signatures from South Auckland residents concerned about Labour’s controvercial, anti-family legislation.

“We were inundated with people wanting to sign the petition because they believe most parents know the difference between a smack and abuse. This community overwhelmingly rejected the anti-smacking bill before it was passed into law and that sentiment is still strong today. Many people had previously signed the petition through their church or the Unity for Liberty group, which was very encouraging,” he added.

The Family Party aims to reinstate Section 59 of the Crimes Act, which protects parents from criminal liability if they smack their children in reasonable and appropriate circumstances.

“Parents need the ability to be able to set and enforce boundaries in the home. If they don’t, society pays the price and we’re experiencing that in our communities today with the increase in youth gangs and violent crime,” he added.

Richard Lewis is standing for the Manukau East electorate in the coming election.




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