Kaa wrong on smacking

Kaa wrong on smacking


15 May 2008. Family Party leader Richard Lewis has expressed disagreement with Dr Hone Kaa’s call for Maori to maintain opposition to smacking.

Mr Lewis says Dr Kaa’s description of all smacking as ‘violence against children’ is misleading and unhelpful towards the real issues of abuse.

“It’s disappointing when Maori leaders buy into the same rhetoric as politicians like Sue Bradford who brand all parents who smack their children as child abusers. We are all very concerned about child abuse. But there is a world of difference between responsible corrective discipline and the bash,” said Mr Lewis.

Dr Kaa has called a cross-party meeting with Maori politicians next week to talk about strategies to reduce Maori Child Abuse. Maintaining the repeal of Section 59 is high on the agenda for the hui.

“I wonder if Dr Kaa is going to invite contribution from Maori like myself who care deeply about child abuse but who don’t agree with his position on the smacking issue. Or is he merely propping up the flawed position of the Labour-led Government that most New Zealanders, including many Maori, happen to disagree with,” he added.

The Family Party will be holding a conference in Mangere this Saturday and will be signing up people to the petition calling for a referendum on the issue. The Family Party is calling for Section 59 of the Crimes Act to be reinstated.

Conference details: http://www.thefamilyparty.org.nz/conference.php


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