Latest NZ abortion statistics are a grave tragedy for NZ women and their unborn babies

A press release from Family Life International, New Zealand

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The latest New Zealand abortion statistics issued today by Statistics New Zealand show that in 2007 there were 450 more induced abortions than in 2006. This represents 450 more legally sanction acts which exposed NZ women to serious physical and psychological harm, and 450 more innocent Kiwi babies who lost their lives to abortion.

The latest figures show that the abortion rate increased from 17,930 abortions in 2006 to 18,380 abortions last year, an increase of 2.5 percent in a one year period.

If this current trend continues as it has for the last two years, then next year the number of induced abortions in New Zealand will be higher than it has ever been before in our history.

The public debate that has occurred during the last week regarding Justice Millar’s High Court ruling about NZ abortions has simply exposed how very little most New Zealanders know about the true harmful effects of abortion, or about how seriously unsound much of the arguments used to support it actually are.

It has also exposed that many of the pro-abortion supporters in this country are intolerant and hateful of individuals and opinions which dissent from their own. One pro-abortion editorial in the Dominion Post last week called pro-lifers the Teleban, and last week a hateful and obscene pro-abortion video posted on YouTube targeted a prominent NZ pro-life advocate with imagery which features a gun pointed at his head.

While New Zealand women and their unborn babies continue to pay an unnecessary and horrific price, those who endorse and carry out abortions continue to ignore the harm that their ideology is doing to Kiwi women and their unborn babies, and those who support abortion continue to do so blindly, without properly considering the philosophical and moral validity of their pro-abortion position.



5 responses to “Latest NZ abortion statistics are a grave tragedy for NZ women and their unborn babies”

  1. Not every female has a biscuit-cutted life and can fit into a box so that abortion issues affect them all the same. Women have the right to choose abortion or not and not to have to explain the reasons of why they need one to 2 certifying specialists to be granted an abortion. You people are living in the Christian days of the past and do not see the present reality- to restrict women abortion services for whatever reasons can cause health disparities and problems for not only the mother but also the unborn child- what if the mother drank before she knew she was pregnant- what if she wants to have an abortion to prevent health problems or risks for the baby she didn;t knwo she was carrying? Does she not have a right to be concerned about an unborn child being at risk for something she did before she knew she was pregnant? And you Christians and other religious people drink in New Zealand like the rest of the culture- how are you going to justify no abortion for women who have made their child at risk of a problem before they knew they were pregnant? I am sure you won’t post this but there are many realities out there, not just one.

  2. I am sure my add will be modified or deleted because you can not allow people to speak for what you oppose- that is the nature of your type of organizations- all about control.

  3. C, What about the baby? I am sure that you are glad that your mother didn’t choose to abort you.

    I am pro-choice too.

    Give the baby the opportunity to choose. It would choose life every time if it had a chance.

  4. How about just not having sex unless you’re prepared to raise a baby? How about taking a pill or insisting on using a condom? Taking responsibilty in the BEGINNING will save the taxpayer millions. No thanks, I don’t want to pay for your abortion, I have two kids and feel the money would be better spent on other things.

    Grow up and be accountable for your body.

  5. Unfortunatley we have come to rely on the pill condoms etc for contreception, methods which are never 100% safe. It would be great to hear more about adoption. These days it is so much easier and better for both parties. To the other person who wrote regarding abortion , I hear what you are saying about drinking and the baby. Fetal alcohol syndrom is really horrible and would cause a lot of heartache for a mum to carry her baby knowing she has damaged her child. There are people out there who would still love these children and would love to adopt them.

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