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More On Smacking

I know this is turning into a smacking blog, but the issue is on my mind at the moment.

Sarah and I went out collecting signatures again last night. Once again as per usual the overwhelming response was positive. The editorial in the Herald demonstrated how out of touch the ‘intellectuals’ are from the average New Zealander. People have not moved on. To put it bluntly people are pissed off. Sorry about the language but the expletives which are used about Helen Clark, Sue Bradford and the anti-smacking brigade when i go door to door are much stronger. We have not moved on.

There are of course some people who do not support what we do. Last night I had one of those ladies. “I never needed to smack my kids. It’s wrong and good parents don’t need to.” Oh the supreme arrogance. With one sweeping statement she writes of 80 odd percent of parents as incompetant abusers. Please people. If you didn’t need to smack your children it does not follow that other people will have the same luck.

Ok rant over. For now. But if you’ve got time, this is worth a read.


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  1. Those who truly have a mental disorder are adults like you who think that hitting keeps is an essential, righteous and humane course of events for a loving parent. My wish for those like you is that your children treat you with equal respect when you are elderly.

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    My children are already treating me with love and respect according to the loving training that we gave them.

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