CIR Petition

Sorry folks but we are just going to have to do some more work.

I trust you will have a clear picture of the situation after reading the actual letters attached in my press release. Sometimes the media are masters at confusion.

We will be given back all the petitions we submitted, all 324,511. We will have two months to add as many as we can. We already have 20,000 extra signatures and we thought that might have been enough, but you can see if the Government Statistician uses his formula again that could leave us short.

I think we need to have at least another 20-30,000 to be sure we have sufficient.

When we do resubmit approx 370,000 the Clerk of the House will go through the whole process again with a completely new random sample. Who knows whether that sample will be better or worse!

Let’s therefore make sure that what we collect from now on are as clear and accurate as possible. Get the date of birth if at all possible as that can make a big difference in the certification. Make sure address details are complete and printed clearly.

You have been fantastic, we can do this,

Many thanks,


Larry Baldock
Party Leader
Phone: 021 86 4833
The Kiwi Party
PO Box 9228
Tauranga 3122
New Zealand
Ph: 07-543-0601


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