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An exclusive article from Swedish family lawyer, Ruby Harrold Claesson.

The articles and the videos about the NZ PM and Sue Bradford are very interesting. It is so typical of politicians that they twist things to their own advantage, but while twisting the truth they lose their integrity and they lose their trustworthiness.

The PM keeps on saying that Parliament “overwhelmingly supported the anti-smacking law”. I suppose she is the only one who has forgotten that the MPs were forced to vote according to party lines, instead of conscience voting.

“Family First is increasingly out of step with public opinion and in fact some of the people who signed this petition for the referendum back before my bill went through may have even changed their minds in the intervening period,” says Bradford.

It is even more blatant and important that Sue Bradford, the PM and the MPs were totally out of step with public opinion when they passed their law. I’m sure that no one – not even those mentioned above – has forgotten that over 85 % of the NZ population were against the passing of the anti-smacking law.

Also, I used to believe that NZ was a democracy, defined as “Government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Under the present leadership, NZ is a dictatorship, the “Sweden of the South Pacific”. Anyway, it’s election year, isn’t it? I hope that the NZ electorate are not forgetful.

Just a reminder: In July 2007 the British govt. refused to pass an anti-smacking law in accordance with the recommendations of the Council of Europe. In the article EXCLUSIVE: SMACKING PARENTS WON’T FACE PRISON, published on The People’s website, on July 8, 2007, the Tory children’s minister Tim Loughton was quote to say: “The present law is unworkable nonsense – it just criminalises parents. We need to clearly define the line between chastisement by parents as they see fit and violence towards children.”

On 25th October 2007 the Daily Mail published the article Government u-turn as ministers tell parents they CAN smack their children

Of course, intelligent people can see the difference between discipline and abuse: others can not.

Incidentally, Swedish press has been silent as to the stance taken by the British govt.

Keep up the good work, Family Integrity and Family First and others working for the protection of the family, the corner stone of society. I’m sure NZ will get more than the 300 000 signatures necessary for the Referendum. Remember, the world is watching.

Ruby Harrold-Claesson

President of the NCHR/NKMR


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