FI405-U4L: Let’s bring this puppy home “in style”

20 June 2008 Family Integrity #405 — U4L; Let’s bring this puppy home “in style”
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Subject: U4L; Let’s bring this puppy home “in style”

Hi All,

New Total 384,000


Let’s make sure we have the last laugh, this coming weekend is our last opportunity to ensure the referendum.

The signatures will be handed in early afternoon on Monday, ALL folk in the above areas have the opportunity to pass collected signatures directly to contacts who will then deliver them to Wellington on Monday. You can also contact these people to help with organized activities within the above named cities.

Auckland contacts, Bernie Ogilvy mob 021610919 or Craig Hill 021746113

Christchurch contact, Ruth mob 021872459 or Andy 0211140751

can collect and deliver your petitions to Gordon Copeland’s office in Bowen House Monday morning or bring them with you to the steps of parliament at noon.

Any inquiries from Wellington and all general inquiries contact Craig 021746113

Response to the Auckland push,

What can we say, just a big thanks to all those involved. And the Christchurch team certainly led the way, well done.

Auckland and Hamilton did well

Warriors fixture, 1100+
WWE Wrestling 600+
All Blacks 1300+
Road side 400+

And wait for it

Field days 8700+

Other results

Wellington 212
Porirua 312
Hastings 400

Pertinent information

A Land Fit For Criminals,
This is a must attend, I am certainly alot more wiser having listened to “David Fraser”. He pulled down and exposed a number of myths relating to prison systems and
sentencing policies. Click here for his itinerary

Family First’s “Rally for Families”
Family First Media Release 19 June 2008
Family First is joining with the NZ Sikh Society, Samoan, Sri Lankan, Asian and other community groups to hold a rally on Saturday at the Manukau City Square behind the Westfield Shopping Centre at 2pm. They are calling on South Auckland families to come together in a stand of unity.

“The community has been rocked by a number of violent crimes and it is vital that families of South Auckland stand together and support each other during this time,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ, and a Manurewa resident.

The Rally will be held on Saturday 21 June at 2pm at the Manukau City Square behind Westfield Shopping Centre . Speakers include Acting Manukau City Mayor Gary Troup, Family First’s Bob McCoskrie, Charlie Borrell (father of Augustine Borrell) and representatives from the ethnic groups represented.


Craig Hill
021 746 113

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke 1728-1797)


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