“Why the panic?”

Comments from Ruby Harrold-Claesson after reading the article “A referendum? Why the Panic?”

“Why the panic?” asks Barnardos CEO.

I would also like to ask “Why the panic?” when the NZ parliament refused to listen to the overwhelming majority of the population that was against the passing of the anti-smacking law in every possible poll; I would also like to ask “Why the panic?” when the NZ parliament forced the MPs to vote according to party lines instead of their own consciences; I would also like to ask “Why the panic?” to pass the law instead of giving the NZ parliament the possiblity to examine the Swedish court verdicts that I presented at the hearing.

Intelligent and caring people can’t think that it is acceptable to let this dangerous law work for two years and then review it. Who is going to clean up the damages done to children and their parents while the govt is waiting to review the law? Barnardos? The PM and her govt? Sue Bradford? Typically, they can make a mess, but they can’t clean up the mess they make.

If this law had been passed in sound, democratic order and due process there would be no need for a referendum today. The PM, Sue Bradford and the other dictators are afraid of that there will be sufficient numbers for a referendum – there may be more than enough already – and most of all they are afraid of the result of a referendum on the anti-smacking law.

Keep up the good work

All the best
Ruby Harrold-Claesson

President of the NCHR/NKMR

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