Barnardos Labels Marchers ‘Ignorant’!

Barnardos Labels Marchers ‘Ignorant’!

In an incredible outburst, Advocacy Manager for Barnardos Deborah Morris-Travers, who ran the Yes vote campaign at the recent election, has written to the NZ Herald and attacked the upcoming March for Democracy, saying that the march will ” mobilise the ignorant “! This is an example of the lack of respect that some government funded organisations and some politicians and ex-politicians have for the democratic process and the voice of NZ families. It is ironic that Morris-Travers was a Minister of the Crown complements of a change in the voting system from FPP to MMP that less people voted for than voted in the anti-smacking Referendum.

If you want a reason to march , stand up against being labelled IGNORANT simply because you want a democratic country that listens to the voice of NZ’ers, and you want to tackle real abuse – not real parents.

March to call for action on smacking referendum
NZ Herald Oct 27, 2009
A march to protest the Government’s lack of action following the so-called anti-smacking referendum has been announced today. Colin Craig, an Auckland businessman said the march is about democracy and the government has so far ignored the majority of referendum respondents who voted against the repeal of Section 59 of the Crimes Act. …Family First director Bob McCroskie said his group wanted to tackle “rotten parents” but the repeal of Section 59 was not the answer. “A bad law is still a bad law even if law abiding citizens follow it,” Mr McCroskie said.

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2 responses to “Barnardos Labels Marchers ‘Ignorant’!”

  1. Mrs Dianne Woodward Avatar
    Mrs Dianne Woodward

    Educating at source in the Maternity Hospital as Mum is bonding with her newborn baby is exactly the right time for this National Government to supply a good parenting book that gives practical tips that could prevent abuse once Mum’s back home in her own environment with her cute little bundle of joy knowledge gives confidence to a nervous new Mum. Follow up Nurse Visits to the Mothers home are a must in the first year then Nurse identifies the babies at risk and will provide help immediately where needed.

    In a Democracy surely we can not persecute the majority of good parents who may occassionally use a light smack along with Time Out or lack of priviledges for discipline. As for being labelled ignorant by a Barnadoes woman who displayed her own parents on TV to be judged by the Nation for daring to discipline with a smack just goes to prove how nasty this debate has really become especially when people from either side are getting threats just for speaking out, NZ is a free country, surely we all just want Kiwi children to be and feel safe. I would appreciate Family Integrity now removing my name and email off this site as abusive phone calls and emails have returned, thanks anyway Family Integrity for allowing me to voice my very strong prosmacking opinion. I’m hoping 100,000 plus Aucklanders March for the Right to be heard by our elected Leaders in 3 weeks because the Government can’t ignore the majority as being ignorant. Vote with your feet.

  2. This is clearly a contridiction Dianne.

    In your first paragraph you have raised the issue of educating parents at the earliest possible time – great stuff.

    Then once again you gently ease into your advocation of physically disciplining children?

    I am also puzzled by your statement that surely we all want Kiwi kids to be and feel safe. Possibly your worst choice of words. If men made that statement who slap their wives, it would hold no credibility at all. That is because hitting children is a response from an angry parent who is using their power in a abusive way and all in the name of correcting behaviour?

    It truly doesn’t make any psychological sense Dianne but I have a feeling you don’t give that too much thought anyway.

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