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“The final results announced yesterday by the Chief Electoral Office show that more New Zealanders took part in the Smacking referendum than the 1992 MMP referendum,” said Kiwi Party Leader Larry Baldock.

Compare smacking referendum with MMP referendum

Smacking Referendum
56.09%  took part
87.40%  voted NO

MMP  Referendum Sept 1992
55%  took part
85%  voted for change

Following the MMP referendum, Labour leader Mike Moore said “The people didn’t speak on Saturday, they screamed.”

“As a nation we changed our voting system with less of a mandate than was given to our politicians last Friday.

“Instead of sending troops to Afghanistan to fight for democracy, maybe we should send them to Wellington!

“Instead of Fiji being suspended from the Pacific Forum,for ignoring the Democratic will of the people, perhaps New Zealand should be suspended…..?


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