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Kiwi Party leader Larry Baldock said he is thinking about collecting signatures for another Citizens Initiated Referendum petition.
Mr Baldock said this time the question might be “Should Members of Parliament as part of good governing ignore a referendum with 87.4% support of the people?”

Asked whether he thought this would have widespread support Mr Baldock said, “almost certainly! Because so many were frustrated about democracy being undermined by the Prime Minister the huge task of collecting more than 300,000 signatures would be made easier than last time.”

“However there is always the risk that after obtaining sufficient signatures again to force a referendum, and achieving a huge ‘No’ vote, there may be some who will complain that the question is confusing, loaded or misleading.

“What is good governing they will ask, and how can anyone ‘really’ know what the voters ‘really’ mean?

After all, how can anyone know what ‘good governing is’ since New Zealanders have not seen it for such a long time!”


Larry Baldock


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