Prime Minister’s claims of referendum question confusion are really confusing!!!

“John Key has recently adopted the simplistic tactic of trying to discredit the referendum by complaining about the question being confusing, but the only person that is confused seems to be himself,” said Kiwi Party Leader Larry Baldock.

“He seems to have forgotten that when the petition was first launched March 1st, 2007 National party MPs were very involved in helping us to collect signatures. Many of them even had the petition in their electorate offices at various places across the country. If they thought the question was confusing why would they help to collect signatures to make the referendum become a reality?
“And would they have done this without the knowledge and approval of John Key?

“Unfortunately once the anti-smacking law had been passed after John Key’s amendment deal with Helen Clark the National MPs were told they were no longer allowed to collect signatures.

“The Prime Minister has often said he didn’t want good parents criminalised for a light smack.
Prime Minister they now are, so do you want it to remain that way or not? Answer ‘Yes’ if you do, and ‘No’ if you don’t. It is really that simple!

“The high response or 25,000 people responding in just two weeks to enrol or update their enrolment with the electoral enrolment centre shows that unlike John Key and Phil Goff, Kiwis understand the question and are keen to have their say,” said the petition organiser, Larry Baldock.

Larry Baldock


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