Referendum 44% return so far – one week to go

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The Kiwi Party
Press Release

The people are speaking!!

Kiwi Party Leader and Referendum Petition organiser Larry Baldock said he was thrilled with the number of Kiwis making their voice heard in the referendum.

The latest update from the Chief Electoral Office confirms that as at 5.00pm Thursday 13 August 1,330,900 votes had been received by the Chief Electoral Office vote-processing centre for the Citizens Initiated Referendum on the question “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand”.

“This is approx 44% of those registered, a significant increase over the first week and many more than normally received after two weeks of the Local Government postal elections. It definitely puts the referendum on track to be a better turnout than Local Body elections with a result that cannot be discredited,” said Mr Baldock.


Larry Baldock


14 August 2009
Voters Loud and Clear on Referendum
Family First NZ is welcoming news that 44% of voters have now returned their ballot papers for the anti-smacking referendum.
“It is quite evident that NZ’ers understand the question, want their say on the issue, and expect the politicians to listen,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ.
“44% of registered voters is only just short of the turnout for the recent Mt Albert by-election (47%) and most City Councils, Mayors and Community Boards have been elected by less than 44% in the last 2 local body elections. It is quite evident that NZ’ers feel strongly on this issue and still have another full week to vote.”
“The attempts by politicians to attack the question and to threaten to disregard the result of the Referendum has actually had the opposite effect to what they possibly intended. It has rarked up voters because they feel like it’s more of the previous ‘we know better than you and we’re not listening’ attitude. NZ’ers hoped that we had moved on from that approach.”
“Because of this message, it is even more important that voters return their voting forms and send a strong message to the politicians on this issue,” says Mr McCoskrie.
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