The opponents of the anti-smacking law outnumber the supporters of ANY New Zealand government

I (Beretta Blog) spotted this over at Kiwiblog today:

  1. 1,420,959 – Voted no to treating correctional smacking as a criminal offence
  2. 1,053,398 – 2008 Voted for National when they won the election
  3. 935,319 – 2005 Voted for Labour when they won the election
  4. 838,219 – 2002 Voted for Labour
  5. 800,199 – 1999 Voted for Labour
  6. 701,315 – 1996 Voted for National

This certainly puts the lie to the claim that the referendum is irrlevant or that it was ignored because of an alleged bias in its presentation. The reality is, just those who voted NO outnumber the supporters of any political party that has won an election in this country. Then add the 200,000 or so who voted in the minority, and you’ve got one heck of a popular and representative referendum!

Let’s now sit, watch, and see what our Prime Minister is made of.


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