U4L: The referendum is now upon us

U4L: The referendum is now upon us

Hi All,

Over the past few months Unity for Liberty has chosen to remain silent concerning the referendum.

There are a few simple reasons for this, firstly, the issue has been well represented by Family First and other prominent organizations and secondly, we wanted to know exactly what we are up against (It is now very clear, our Prime Minister and the rest of the anti-smackers are singing from the same song sheet: “Tell a lie long enough and everyone will start believing it”).

The Prime Minister also referred to the Referendum question as something out of Dr Seuss. Should we remind him about the story of the Emperor’s invisible clothes, where those who were told that they could not see it were ignorant. In this case, if we don’t understand the how badly worded the question is, then we too must be ignorant.

I am tired of having my intelligence insulted, ARE YOU?

Here’s the problem with the question: for many years (and at tax payers expense) those with a political agenda for social engineering have been promoting the lie that a smack as part of good parental correction is assault. They realize that the referendum question undermines that untruth and it’s associated brainwashing.

Clearly, attacking the wording of the question is just a disparate attempt to divert the focus away from real issue and create confusion. The real agenda was never about combating child abuse (since admitted by Sue Bradford),  but by confusing good parental correction as assault they are then able to (by law) remove Parental Authority away from the parent, thus, by default, that very same authority then goes to the “STATE”.

The referendum question is not badly worded, it is only guilty of undermining the very heart of the uprising Socialist Ideology within New Zealand.

Here’s our problem, mainstream New Zealand knows their mind on this issue, we just need to remind them to vote. Over the next few weeks, we need to provide a presence within our own local communities so to encourage folk to return their voting papers.

We invite you to join with us and deliver as many pamphlets as possible within our own neighborhoods,  We will also be setting up tables again encouraging folk to vote.

Go to “VOTE NO” for pamphlets and other information http://www.voteno.org.nz/

Against all the odds, it was people power that brought us success with the petition, and with a little more effort we can also bring a successful and proper conclusion to the referendum.

If anyone is unsure on how to reach your local community, please feel free to contact myself for encouragement.

Thank You,
Craig Hill

Remember, All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)


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