Your tax money is being used to fund support of the anti-smacking law, and to attack the Referendum


Your tax money is being used to fund support of the

anti-smacking law, and to attack the Referendum

Government funded organisations are working and spending overtime pushing the anti-smacking law, attacking the Referendum, and promoting a yes-vote.

Following on from the Families Commission last week, and ongoing lobbying from the Children’s Commissioner and government-funded groups like Barnardos and Plunket , the latest example is the Human Rights Commission who admitted today that they funded a legal opinion to try to validate their support for the anti-smacking law. They also labeled the Referendum as ‘flawed’ and ‘meaningless’. This opinion is released in the weeks leading to the Referendum despite the law having been in existence for 2 years – interesting timing!

Once again, this makes a complete sham of claims by the government that the Referendum won’t make any difference, yet the law change, an answer to the Referendum, and attempts to undermine the process are being promoted by government organisations – and being paid for by taxpayers.

But groups such as Family First NZ and many others who oppose the law and promoting a No-vote are limited to the $50,000 maximum spending limit set under the CIR Act and have to raise it through donations from individuals and families concerned by this issue. The spending limit is only targeting and penalising groups who oppose the anti-smacking law, but taxpayer-funded groups are spending like there’s no recession!

But what government funded groups don’t have is…



Tell someone about the website
Download some posters or brochures – photocopy – then distribute to any place where there’s people – shopping malls, sports fields, churches, social functions, family, local letterboxes. Let’s even up the debate!!



…..and NO Copyright!

The website has all the information you need regarding the upcoming anti-smacking Referendum including
frequently asked questions ,
quotes of interest ,
summary of polls ,
summary of media releases on this issue ,
how to enroll ,
background of the Referendum
even a cartoons page !

But there are also
FREE downloadable brochures and posters

(and banner adverts and sidebar adverts for your blogs and website). The brochures are even in other translations including Maori, Tongan, Samoan, Fijian, Chinese, and Hindi! Download them – photocopy – and distribute to family and friends!

So GET THE WORD OUT on what this Referendum is all about.

There’s no copyright – we won’t sue you for plagiarism! GO FOR YOUR LIFE!!

But especially – encourage people to vote!

We can also make the videos available to show to your group including Simon Barnett , Referendum proposer Sheryl Savill and Maori Child Advocate Bev Adair – simply email us for the files

There’s also a blog , we’re on Twitter , and a group of supporters have started a Facebook group


You may even like to financially support the VoteNO campaign!!

But at the end of the day, the Referendum is about you having the opportunity to have YOUR say! Help send a strong message to the politicians that they simply cannot ignore – no matter how much they spend to try and shut you up!

Bob McCoskrie
National Director


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  1. the problem is that due to the wording, the referendum is and will be irrelevant. The law will not change until the referendum changes.

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