Colin Craig is a homeschool Dad!

From Jillian Wilson a home educator in Auckland:

Colin Craig is a homeschool Dad!

Today I got talking to Colin’s wife, Helen. and I believe that Colin is a man of integrity and ability. They also homeschool their 6 year old daughter, Mckenzie.
If your family would like to learn about government and the electoral process perhaps you might like to volunteer for a few hours this week at Conservative HQ, stuffing envelopes.  You might end up sitting next to a former mayor of North Shore Council, as I did, this afternoon :-)
Conservative HQ is at 29 Gillies Ave, Epsom.  Volunteers can work from 9am this week. Ph 520 2082 or better still send a txt to Abigail on 021 024 89478.  Homeschoolers would be very welcome to come in and help during the day, when the office is fairly quiet.
Conservative website:

From the Smiths:

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Needing help for your home schooling journey:


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