Family First: Childhood self-control pays dividends as adults

Childhood self-control pays dividends as adults

Dominion Post 26/01/2011
Self-controlled children grow up to be healthier, wealthier and more lawful adults, a new study has found. Skills such as conscientiousness, self-discipline and perserverance influence young children’s health, wealth and criminal history in later life, regardless of intelligence or social background, an Otago University study shows. READ MORE
Family First Comment: So you’ll be asking right now – how do we develop self control in our kids???? Aha! Let’s refer to earlier research from Otago University published in 2006:
Preliminary analysis showed that those who were merely smacked had “similar or even slightly better outcomes” than those who were not smacked in terms of aggression, substance abuse, adult convictions and school achievement. “Study members in the ‘smacking only’ category of punishment appeared to be particularly high-functioning and achieving members of society,” (the study author) said. “I have looked at just about every study I can lay my hands on, and there are thousands, and I have not found any evidence that an occasional mild smack with an open hand on the clothed behind or the leg or hand is harmful or instils violence in kids,” she said. “I know that is not a popular thing to say, but it is certainly the case.
Yet again, the opponents of the deeply flawed and objectionable anti-smacking law are justified in their opposition!
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