John Key on Redefining Marriage – And why you may have been confused!

john key serious 2John Key – speaking to media at the Big Gay Out’ Feb 2014
“The reality is that if I hadn’t voted for gay marriage it’s less likely it would have passed because the truth is that centre-right politicians are the ones that are less likely to vote for gay marriage – that’s been the trend around the world. Lots of prime ministers have been unwilling to either support or introduce the legislation when they come from the right of politics, and I gave a lot of cover to conservative MP’s that would have wanted to vote for it. So if you go and ask Louisa Wall what she thinks who had the members bill and she’s actually been really supportive of what I’ve done.” AUDIO
Family First NZ Comment: “Lots of prime ministers have been unwilling to either support or introduce the legislation” because their voter base wouldn’t agree with redefining marriage and probably didn’t expect a centre-right government to flip-flop on the issue! The real concern is that while voters expected a socially conservative government, the current government is much more socially liberal than voters realised. Hence, bills promoting euthanasia, same-sex adoption, redefinition of marriage and liberalising abortion laws are considered potential winners. Attempts to fix the harms of gambling and prostitution, parental notification for teen abortions, anti-smacking laws, and the booze culture are being side-lined or weakened. That’s how far to the socially liberal side our parliament has moved – even with a centre right government! And that should concern us all.
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