What To Do When CPS (CYPs) Knocks: A Must Read for All Homeschooling/Unschooling Parents!

A Child Protective Services Whistle-blower explains what to do if CPS or CYPs comes after your family.

This was written with the States in mind but it is just as relevant for New Zealand and Australia

“Just one month after working for Child Protective Services, I began to learn that the agency was not in the business of helping stop child abuse. I went after parents who smoked pot, who homeschooled their kids, and let their children ride their bikes. In part because of this, I left the agency and began exposing the horrendous aspects of CPS and how parents can protect their children from the agency. What I will do in this article is to teach parents what to do if CPS comes after them.”

Read his advise here: http://thinkaboutnow.com/2016/03/cps-whistle-blower-what-to-do-when-cps-knocks/


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