Ministry of Sexualisation: Part 1

by Jared Luke on February 19, 2019

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Schools should be a safe place to be, but for the majority, they will soon become unsafe. Safe Schools has landed in New Zealand, with the blessing of the Ministry of Education.

Three things stand out from the above image:

1. The Ministry of Education wants “inclusive school-wide systems”.

2. The Ministry of Education officially sanctions the “Safe schools coalition”

3. Views which are not in favour of homosexual & Trans’ people are a form of “violence”.

The Ministry of Education website is now littered with links and videos directing teachers to Minus-18 and The Safe schools coalition.

Safe Schools rocketed into the spotlight in Australia, mid-2017.
It’s been exposed as being overseen by several people who openly support paedophilia as a legitimate sexual orientation.

Gary Dowsett was one of them. He wrote a book about his support for “inter-generational love” called; Boiled Lollies and Bandaids; Gay men and kids   quote

How different then is the gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a paedophile and his or her lover. That kind of love, warmth and nurture is an important part of the paedophilic relationship end quote

Gary Dowsett

Let’s come back to that another day.

The new recommendations by The Ministry of Education bring in special assistance for disadvantaged groups such as: the hard of hearing, dyslexic and autistic children and kids with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

This is a positive thing because children with disabilities deserve equal access to education. Their disabilities really are barriers to a fair education.

Teachers are already required to give special assistance to these kids and have been doing so, regardless of the attractive new Ministry of Education website; which has new and now easily accessible resources.

When a teacher has a student with a particular religion that requires fasting, the teacher deals with that child privately – on an individual level.
The teacher may make general mention of this in the classroom and this could include the teacher making specific mention that some peoples religions require it, without singling the child out for scrutiny.
They certainly do not devote entire lessons to explaining Lent, learning about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or getting all kids to participate in a Hijab day.

The recommendations for LGBTIQA+ youth, however, are vastly different from those of the disabled groups. quote.

Seven common concerns
Listen and learn from students.
Create opportunities for them to share their concerns and experiences in ways that work for them. end quote.

Source:Ministry of Education:

When we examine the LGBTIQA+ content, the expectation is that there is a “school-wide” approach. The Ministry has recommended that LGBTIQA+ themes be incorporated “across the curriculum”.

This means that in English class, instead of reading To Kill a Mockingbird, they will read books devoted to transgenderism and same-sex attracted couples.

In History class, they will study inventions and political activist movements by Transgender role-models.

In Accounting, it could be a balance sheet to calculate how much money John has to pay for artificial insemination so that he can then give birth to his first non-binary child.

After all, some men can get pregnant. Or at least, so kids will be told in their Accounting class.

In Maths, they will solve an equation where a same-sex couple order a Pizza.


Surely this is just a gross exaggeration by a bigoted and “morally panicked” white male?
The evidence is in black and white on the Ministry’s own website.

To be continued…

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3 responses to “Ministry of Sexualisation: Part 1”

  1. From Jared Luke:
    Safe Schools – the “Whole-School” approach to gender ideology, has landed in NZ.
    -gender clinics on-site at school
    -teachers told to keep it secret from parents
    -studying and celebrating LGBT people in history class
    -8 year olds potentially visiting Pride Parades
    -5 year olds told about sexual pleasure and boys liking sex with other boys.
    If you think i’m lying, please read my series of articles as they come out this week.
    please sign and share this petition.
    I’m working with the petitioner on the submission.…/petition-of-helen-houghton-stop…

  2. The Ministry of Education’s latest recommendations for Sexuality Education in schools

    You can read all about it here:
    1. Ministry of Sexualisation.

    2. Gender theory taught to 5 year olds.

    3. Gender clinics, and secrets kept from parents.

    4.Sexuality forced into every subject even maths

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