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Family Integrity is an informal association of families and individuals from all walks of life who are opposed to unjustifiable government interference in family matters. The objective is to keep the government out of where it does not belong in order to preserve and protect each family’s personal integrity. Our organisation’s focus at present is the bill to repeal Section 59, Sue Bradford’s Crimes Amendment Bill.

Family Integrity is a completely independent association and is not a part of, aligned with or committed to any political party, Church denomination or lobby group.

Family Integrity is facilitated by Craig and Barbara Smith and their eldest daughter Genevieve Smith.

A good working definition of “family” on the FamilyFirst website

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  1. petermartyn Avatar

    You people have a valid point. Notwithstanding children tend to be stuck a lot and if there were some way to tell whether the parents have their confidence then it would be easier to expect the government to pretty much stay out of it.

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