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Did you know that Parliament is thinking of removing from parents their legitimate and necessary authority to discipline with a smack, or with any other method requiring reasonable force?

Join hundreds of thousands of ordinary New Zealanders in opposing this Bill to repeal section 59.

What to do:
1. Write to your MP
2. Email your MP
3. Phone your MP
4. Purchase and promote our new DVD ‘For the Love of Our Children’ (featuring Ruby Harrold-Claesson)

Consider also writing to all MPs and visiting your own.

Tell them to keep Section 59, that it is good law, essential for the maintenance of parental authority, and for the preservation of effective discipline and training of children.

Make your email letters short, polite, and to the point.

Full email contact details and letter addresses are available by clicking on the link above to Four Brilliant Lobbying Tools.

For DVDs, send $10 per copy, and address details to:

Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North 4414

Fax: 06 357 4389

Don’t let the MPs criminalise smacking.
Act now to protect your own future.

Family Integrity needs your support:
**Practical (distribution of literature)

To become a member/sponsor, please contact:

Craig Smith, BA
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North

Join us in voting to keep Section 59 of the Crimes Act.
Click on “Join Us” in left hand column of web page to show that there are thousands of New Zealands who support keeping Section 59 of the Crimes Act.


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