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Larry Baldock: National have no intention of repealing s59

Monday, July 28th, 2008

Hi everyone.

Recent comments reported in the media by John key have made it abundantly clear that National have no intention of repealing Sue Bradford’s anti-smacking law.

National’s call for the referendum to be held at the election so New Zealanders can have their say is meaningless if they are not prepared to listen and respond to the result of the referendum.

You will recall I said very clearly that if we want to see the law changed it is essential that the Kiwi party hold the balance of power after this election.

In less than 4 months New Zealand will hold a general election and we have much to do to prepare the Kiwi Party for a successful result.

The good news is that we have come along way in the five months since our registration with the Electoral Commission was finalised.  Regional conferences have been held in eight cities and Kiwi Party committees have been established and are preparing for action in the coming months.

The Party now has over 1000 members. At every meeting where we have the opportunity to present what the Kiwi Party stands for we find an almost 100% positive response from those who attend.

National Conference
In just over two weeks we will hold our Kiwi Party National conference in Auckland on Aug 9 at the Ellislie Racecourse.

We have an exciting line up of speakers from within the party and invited guests. You can register directly on line.

Nationwide Protest
We are discussing the potential for launching a campaign to protest the Prime Ministers disregard for democracy by not holding the referendum at the election. We are formulating plans and will advise you shortly. I am keen to hear from anyone who would be interested in helping organise a protest gathering in your city or town.

Warm regards,

Larry Baldock
Kiwi Party Leader.

Family First: CAN YOU HELP US?

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
17 Jul 2008




Myth #1 : There have been no prosecutions under the new anti-smacking law


Myth #2 : The anti-smacking law has not resulted in good parents being investigated and interrogated by the police or CYF


We have evidence of a number of examples that expose these myths, including:

* a father separated from his 2 kids for 6 months by CYF because of malicious claims by mother that he had smacked them – CYF eventually reallowed access but only due to a strong supporter who knew the system
* a father prosecuted and convicted because of pushing the upper arm of his daughter 2-3 times and demanding she listen to her mother
* a grandfather prosecuted and convicted because of tipping his defiant grandson out of a bean bag-type chair to get him moving
* a father dragged through the court process only to turn up to the court case and the police to admit they had no evidence
* a stepfather who physically restrained the arms of his stepdaughter being interrogated for 2 hours almost 7 months after the incident, and 6 months later still not knowing the outcome
* a CYFs Community Panel Board member telling Family First “I can say without a doubt, that in my time I have seen a small but a definite increase in ‘good’ parents being investigated by our CYFs case workers – up to 5% of our cases. Any child who mentions to a school teacher that they have been smacked or touched in any physical way is brought under investigation and their names are indelibly logged onto our data base as a potential ‘abuser’ . I really feel sorry for these ‘good parents’ because of the fear that we as an organisation now engendering upon their parenting practise. Sadly good parents are being lumped in together with the really bad ones.”

NZ’ers deserve to be told

the truth.



(giving nationwide coverage)

We need to raise $13-14,000 by the beginning of next week to achieve this.

If you would like to invest in helping us ‘SLEDGEHAMMER THE MYTHS’


Every little bit helps . (All donations qualify for the 33% tax donation rebate.)

Thanks for your support and consideration. We must do all we can to defend the role of parents and the well-being of our children and families in NZ.

Bob McCoskrie
National Director

Action Station

Monday, June 6th, 2005

Did you know that Parliament is thinking of removing from parents their legitimate and necessary authority to discipline with a smack, or with any other method requiring reasonable force?

Join hundreds of thousands of ordinary New Zealanders in opposing this Bill to repeal section 59.

What to do:
1. Write to your MP
2. Email your MP
3. Phone your MP
4. Purchase and promote our new DVD ‘For the Love of Our Children’ (featuring Ruby Harrold-Claesson)

Consider also writing to all MPs and visiting your own.

Tell them to keep Section 59, that it is good law, essential for the maintenance of parental authority, and for the preservation of effective discipline and training of children.

Make your email letters short, polite, and to the point.

Full email contact details and letter addresses are available by clicking on the link above to Four Brilliant Lobbying Tools.

For DVDs, send $10 per copy, and address details to:

Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North 4414

Fax: 06 357 4389

Don’t let the MPs criminalise smacking.
Act now to protect your own future.

Family Integrity needs your support:
**Practical (distribution of literature)

To become a member/sponsor, please contact:

Craig Smith, BA
National Director
Family Integrity
PO Box 9064
Palmerston North

Join us in voting to keep Section 59 of the Crimes Act.
Click on “Join Us” in left hand column of web page to show that there are thousands of New Zealands who support keeping Section 59 of the Crimes Act.