5 December 2007 – Family Integrity #323 — U4L, More events, Two hard working teams
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Hi All,

Urgent, Urgent, Urgent.

Signature call up, if you have any stray signatures sitting around the house could you please send them in. We will even accept signature bombs, thats 500 plus. There is a wonderful opportunity at hand, a public announcement 250,000 signatures before Christmas, YES thats a whole quarter of a million signatures, will make a good headline.
Post to C/O Larry Baldock
P O Box 9228

Encouraging news,
Just been speaking to Lynne from North Shore, the small team there are planning to work their table again, time and date to be confirmed. For those who are unaware, Lynne has a huge pre Christmas workload and certain commitments she has to meet. Truth is, Lynne really did not have the time to commit to the November challenge, however she placed her hand to the plow and their team has been rewarded with the busiest roadside table of the challenge. Well Done.

More Events this Weekend from two very hard working teams.

Here are some more events this weekend, we also encourage coordinators to use http://christiannews.co.nz/Forum/ to help advertise events. This gives you the opportunity to update and delete as required.

On this note we also encourage all recipients to use this site for updated local event information.

From Stephen and Angela

The Hawkes Bay team would appreciate volunteers for Sat 8th Dec Waipukurau Christmas Parade, 9 – 2pm, Central Hawkes Bay.

Contact hawkesbay@unityforliberty.net.nz

From Wayne

Hi Craig. We have got coming up ‘Carols in the Park’ at Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt, 7 -9pm.

Contact lowerhutt@unityforliberty.net.nz

Thanks for all your efforts,

Craig Hill
PS I have just finished night shift and take no responsibility for creative speling errirs, chEErs!!!!

mob 21746113

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