FI-328-U4L; Weekend Results

18 December 2007 – Family Integrity #328 — U4L; Weekend Results

Hi All,

Gentle reminder, please post all signatures, we are after 250,000 as soon as possible. We are so close to a huge milestone. The irony is, we almost have the equivalent in signatures as the people who supported this bad law.

Gentle reminder, have you passed on “the lady in the Greens Tent email”, We need all possible signatures. (if you do not have a copy of this email you can download it from (Note: My spam filter won’t let this one in, so I have been unable to forward it, sorry: Craig Smith.)

Good numbers this week

Auckland 1120
North Shore 305

Wellington 197
Hawkes Bay 182

West Coast 68
Christchurch 301
Rangiora 198
Porirua 85

2456 total

I spoke to Larry Baldock today, he had 500 plus, there were also a number of folk collecting in Hamilton. These numbers are not in the above figures.

There also seems to be more interest out there, all the hard work is starting to pay off. WELL DONE.

Encouraging news.

A lady and two teenagers took to the streets of Rangiora, this was their first time, and boy did they jump in the deep end. No tables, just with clip boards, courageous stuff.

Here’s her response.

Yes, we’re on the mailing list. I know, it’s incredible. I wish I’d got started earlier – once I wound myself up to do it the first time it was much easier after that. Is it worth personally asking HE teens you know? Teens are more likely to see it as rather fun. Sam and Coralie were with me today (both teens). It was me who got tired first and thought it was time to stop. Coralie said “It’s addictive once you get going”. If you can just get people to go for an hour, once, they realise it’s not so bad and are willing to go again.

Several people in Rang said they’d already signed it at the Show

We haven’t tried a table – I think we get a better success rate going up to people and asking them “What to you think of Bradford’s anti-smacking bill?” Then as soon as they make the first indication that they don’t think too much of it, you say “Would you sign this petition asking for a referendum on the matter?” If they don’t swear enthusiastically and grab the pen and clipboard from you, then only a nudge or two extra is needed (like, “so everyone can have their say, rather than just the politicians”), and they nod in agreement and sign it. My estimate is that only 5% of Rangiorians are in favour of the new law, 5% are too busy or apathetic or are unwilling to put their name on paper about it, and 90% are happy to sign.
We have 2 clipboards each in case of couples. We don’t engage in any debate, just smile and walk on if people don’t want to sign.

Keep up the fantastic work you’re doing.

Craig Hill

All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing” (Edmund Burke 1729-1797)


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