Anti-smacking referendum timing (2)


Speaking 2008 So the PM says she will get the Governor General to order that a postal poll be held next year.

Parliament can stymie that scheme too. Section 22AB allows a majority vote in Parliament to require that the last day of postal voting be the date of the general election. The words are clear:

“(6) [If there has been an order to conduct a postal poll, and ] —

  • (a) a general election must be held on a date that is within 12 months after the date on which the indicative referendum petition is presented to the House of Representatives (because of section 17 of the Constitution Act 1986); and

  • (b) the House of Representatives passes a resolution requiring the voting period to close on the polling day for the general election.

(7) In the circumstances described in subsection (6), the date on which the voting period closes is polling day”

To have a postal referendum poll close on election day would be almost as good as holding it with the general election, in terms of reminding people of her arrogant interference in ordinary lives and decisions. Only downside would be the $millions wasted on the postal poll, instead of combining it.

John Armstrong’s piece in this morning’s Herald pointed out that the whole 1984 snap election was organised in 4 weeks.

Clark’s reasons……A simple “it will be separate from the election because $10m and the criticism are still less to me than having my short-memory voters being reminded of my contempt for their values” would scarcely gain as much attention (and now ridicule).


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