CIR Update no 20-Attachment No 2

Larry Baldock The Kiwi Party Op-Ed

30 January 2008

“Go ahead Prime Minister –

Postpone the Referendum and make my day”

After a successful weekend of signature gathering that has brought the total for the petition to hold a referendum to over 280,000. I think we can pretty much dismiss any doubts that a referendum will be held.

Questions are now being raised about when the referendum might be held. The TV 3 news report on Monday Jan 28 said the Government could choose not to hold the referenda at the election and this is technically correct.

Once the petition or petitions have been certified correct and presented to the Speaker by Clerk of the House, the Govenor General must, within one month make an Order in Council to set a date for holding the referendum within 12 months of the date the petition was certified as correct.

Where an election is due to be held within 12 months of that date the CIR Act 1993 makes provision for Parliament to pass a resolution to make the date for holding the referendum in line with polling day as was the case on the two previous CIR’s held in 1999.

I have always assumed that the Government would follow this precedent and save the taxpayers something in the order of 10 million dollars.

If voters are not angry enough now try wasting their money!!

If the Prime Minister has no confidence that the majority of New Zealanders would now be convinced ‘that a smack as part of good parental correction should be a criminal offence,’ and she would rather take the risk of further angering taxpayers and voters then I may be proven wrong in my assumption.

The CIR Act 1993 also allows for another delaying of holding a referendum by Parliament if 75% of the members support a motion to postpone it to be held later than 12 months but not more than 24 months from the date it was certified as correct. That would require the support of the National Party and I had assumed also, rightly or wrongly, that they would not be duped into throwing Labour another ladder to get out of a hole again, as John key did so kindly on 2 May last year.

Sue Bradford has repeatly claimed recently that the majority of New Zealander’s now support her law change. If she really believed her own spin, she would have no cause for concern about the referendum would she?

She has repeatedly claimed the petition has been inspired by religious fanatics and fundamentaists. These are tactics both she and the PM have resorted to describe anyone who opposes their social engineering agenda. Bob McCoskrie from Family First has been singled out often for the focus of their attacks. The truth is that the petitions are not organised or sponsored by Family First or Bob McCoskrie. When I conceived of the idea to initiate the petitions for the referenda I sought the support of a number of organisiations in the planning and launcing of the campaign. These organisations and individuals included Tim Sisarich and Focus on the Family, Christine Rankin and For the Sake of our Children Trust, Bob McCoskrie from Family First, Garth McVicker and the Sensible Sentencing Trust as well as a wide range of Church Leaders and other community based organisations. About 5 months ago Craig Hill began an organisation called Unity for Liberty with the purpose of assisting in collecting signatures to achieve the referendum and has launched several successful campaigns to mobilise volunteers. More recently Muriel Newman has promoted the petitions on her website and urged her readers to get involved in her NZCPR weekly newsletter.

As my wife and I have traveled up and down the country repeatedly over the past year collecting signatures and encouraging volunteers to become involved, we have been approached by a wide cross section of Kiwis from all walks of life. It is utter nonsense, and insulting to the hundreds who have signed up to help and the tens of thousands who have signed the petition to suggest that they are all religious extremists. If Sue Bradford would have the courage to spend just one day out with us on one of our collection tables she would fairly rapidly be able to adjust her delusional views concerning the popularity of her bill.

What Sue Bradford and the PM can be assured of is that there will be a referendum. Attempting to delay the opportunity for all Kiwis to have their say in these referenda will not avoid the backlash from voters angry about Parliaments arrogant disregard for their opposition to the anti-smacking law and failure to seriously address child abuse.

Larry Baldock

Petition organiser &

The Kiwi Party Leader.

Contact 021864833


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