CIR Update no 20-Attachment 3

The Process for the CIR from here to a Referendum at the Election.

I hope this will help explain what we must do to complete our task.

By Feb 29th 2008 we must hand in to the Clerks office in Parliament the signatures of at least 10% of the number of New Zealanders registered on the Electoral Role. (approx. 300,000 signatures.)

The Clerks office will then begin a process of checking at least a random number of the signatures and will advise us how many acceptable signatures we have collected. If they find that 10% of the signatures checked in the random sample are unacceptable due to illegibility, or not being identified on the electoral role etc, then they will deduct 10% of the total number of signatures that we have submitted.

Given the way some people sign their names and write their addresses it very possible that 10% could be eliminated which would mean as many as 30,000 from our total.

If the remaining number of authentic signatures is less that the 10% of those registered on the electoral role as required by the Act to force a referendum, then we will be given a further two months to complete the required number from that date.

Since it can take up to two months for the initial counting process by the Clerks office, that means we could be collecting up until July 1st.  However as you can imagine, we do hope it is all over long before then.

Once that number is complete the Clerks office will then declare that the petition is successful and will ask the Speaker of the House to begin the process of preparing for the referendum to be held at the election this year.

This means that we will need to continue to collect signatures even after the date of March 1st to ensure our ultimate success in gaining a referendum.


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