Changing The Heart Of A Rebel


Dr. S.M. Davis Changing the Heart of a Rebel
“No, rebellion is not normal. Yes, there is a solution! Many testimonies from around the world attest to the effectiveness of the Biblical principles expounded in this message.”

“Parents of younger children say that the message has helped them understand parenting so as to prevent problems with their children. Some parents say they listen to the message every few weeks to help them stay “on track” as a parent. Still other parents have found the message to be the “lifeline” to stop a descent into destruction and save the life and future of their rebellious teen. “Your video, ‘Changing the Heart of a Rebel’ did just that for our son! I only regret we didn’t hear it while he was in his early teens so we could have prevented the whole thing!” — TN Mother”

We highly recommend this message and have given it away in tape form to lots of parents. We were thrilled to find this online so that even more parents can listen to it.

Listen to this tape here:

This website has this message written in 4 parts here:

Jul. 11, 2005: Changing the Heart of a Rebel Part 1
Jul. 11, 2005: Changing the Heart of a Rebel Part 2
Jul. 11, 2005: Changing the Heart of a Rebel Part 3
Jul. 11, 2005: Changing the Heart of a Rebel Part 4


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  1. I have a brother who is currently 14 years old. He is a rebel – in the sense that he has been excluded from school in his 3rd form year of school. My brother has been involved in firstly being bullied, then becoming the bully and now he does not want to go back to school.

    The most frustrating part of this is, after liaising with social workers, counsellors, teachers, deans. Social networking groups. There is nothing out there to prevent children from breaking the law. E.g. Bootcamps, easy going camps – are for children aged 15 and over – nothing for younger children. A child has to break the law before someone pays attention to him or her and say “they actually need help”

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