Family First – Poll reveals backlash over smacking law

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1. Poll reveals backlash

over smacking law
The anti-smacking law is still enormously unpopular,

a Herald election survey has found

LISTEN Bob McCoskrie on National Radio The Panel discussing

the latest poll results and the continued opposition to the law(starts at 16’52”)

Family First Media Release Another Smacking Poll – Same Response

Family First NZ says that the NZ Herald poll showing 86% opposition to the

anti-smacking law is further proof that the law is fundamentally wrong and

should be changed.

Family First Media Release Bradford Encourages Parents to

Carry On Smacking

In a stunning turnaround, Green MP Sue Bradford has told parents that

smacking is not a criminal offence and implied that groups like Barnardos,

Plunket, Every Child Counts and politicians who have said that the aim of

the law was to ban parents physically punishing their children are

misleading the public.

Green Party Response Family First shows legal ignorance
Green Party MP Sue Bradford has responded strongly to a statement

by pro-violence (!!) lobby Family First saying Bob McCoskrie appears

confused about what the amendment of Section 59 is actually about.

There is no specific law relating to smacking on New Zealand’s statute

books. People like Mr McCoskrie have fostered a myth that what has

happened is that a new law has been created that specifically outlaws

smacking. This is simply not true.

Family First Comment : Dear Sue, if the law wasn’t about smacking

and doesn’t outlaw smacking, why did you call it the ‘anti-smacking

law’ when you introduced it? (original media release from 2003 below


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