Family Integrity #428 — Response to Newsletter Special

18 September 2008 Family Integrity #428 — Response to Newsletter Special

Dear Friends,
The previous message I sent with the YouTube video clip advocating a type of pure democracy for NZ has caused a bit of a stir. That is good. We all need to be exercised in these areas. I was particularly attracted to this in relation to the narrow issues of Section 59, civil unions, prostitution being legalised, etc. But on deeper reflection, a pure democracy means no absolute standards and goal posts that shift according to who is able to drum up or force 51% of those who vote to go a certain way. (This is assuming I understood  my friend Mark correctly, that he is in a way advocating a pure democracy.) Another friend who is currently in the USA but who spent a number of years living here and made it his business to understand the NZ context wrote the following. I must say, I agree with this analysis.
Craig Smith
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Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 5:14 AM
To: Craig Smith
Subject: Re: Political Activists — Newsletter Special

Craig, thank you.
We’re still praying desperately for NZ,

and continue to talk to other families about moving down.

There are many who want to consider it, but wonder about NZ’s short term future.

One concern:  the lack of a basic grasp of reform and the need for reform to be biblical in design.

Breetvelt’s idea might be pragmatic for a short term solution, but it’s a Greek solution, not Biblical.  It will lead to all the disasters of ‘democracy’ that the American founders predicted.  Does he not understand what the American framers were getting at in trying to restore a biblical foundation rather than a revolutionary Greek system similar to what France adopted at the same time.

He is advocating another French system of democracy.

The preference of the majority cannot be the standard for legislation.  God’s wisdom must be, or the nation will remain under God’s chastisement.

Pragmatically, his system is the preferred globalist system of government.  They would love to have his system on the books.

Simply run NZ students through another four years of government globalist education, and easily 51 percent of NZ voters will want everything the anti-Christian globalists want.

May the Lord have mercy on us.



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  1. I agree with this response. “Pure democracy” is not the ultimate answer to society’s problems, and will often not come up with the correct solution for a problem. We must refer to an infallible and absolute set of guidelines if we want society to function well.

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