5 May 2008 Family Integrity #374 — CIR Update 26

Dear Friends,

We really want to get out there and collect signatures.

If each of the 300+ on this list got only 10, it would add 3,000 to the total.

If each got a mere 20, it would add 6,000 to the total.

If we each collected 50, it would add 15,000 to the total, which is half what they’re after.

If we each went out and got 100, that would total 30,000 just from us.

And this is doable. Read the highlighted stuff below.


Craig Smith

Family Integrity

—–Original Message—–
From: Larry Baldock [mailto:larry.baldock@thekiwiparty.org.nz]
Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2008 4:55 PM
To: Craig Smith
Subject: CIR Update 26

Hi everyone.
I loved Bob McCoskrie’s slogan. “DON’T GET MAD, GET EVEN…
                                                                                                                MORE SIGNATURES

Our website has been getting hits, and reports from Family First and U4L indicate the same increased activity.

Because I will be handing in the second petition in my name on May 14th it is essential that you post all the signatures you have in your position to Tauranga by no later than this Friday. If you courier them Monday that will be ok if the courier guarantees delivery on Tuesday. We will need to cut my petition from the bottom of the form and get then prepared to hand in on Wednesday.
We can then continue to collect signatures for Sheryl’s petition until June 29th or until we think we have enough.

The following email today from Arna say’s it all really. Thanks Arna. I have had several reports of teams out this weekend and all are going well.

Hi Larry
For your encouragement:

I went out yesterday by myself for a couple of hours collecting signatures. I had to stir myself up and force myself to go. I wondered after all the media attention what the reaction would be. To be honest, I think I had the best day I have ever had. The media coverage has really worked for us. At times there were 8 people surrounding me all signing and others waiting to sign. I only had 5 clip boards in my hand. People saw my sign so I didn’t have to ask a lot. People just came up and said, “Hey I want to sign that. ”
One lady was so livid that the government had rejected that number of signatures. She said, “How dare they do that! They were our signatures, the people of NZ!”
A lady in her gardening clothes said, “Excuse my clothes, I have been gardening but my daughter just came by and told me you were here so I quickly  jumped in the car and came. We have been wondering where  we could find this petition to sign. I want to add my voice to this petition”
Another man said the same thing. After reading about the petition over the last few weeks he wondered where to get hold of one to sign and was delighted I was there.

Arna Mountain
24 Duncansby Rd

Larry Baldock
Party Leader
Phone: 021 86 4833
Email: l.baldock@xtra.co.nz
The Kiwi Party
PO Box 9228
Tauranga 3122
New Zealand
Ph: 07-543-0601


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