FI-375-Family First – Referendum Update

6 May 2008 Family Integrity #375 — Family First – Referendum Update

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06 May 2008

Hi Craig,

UPDATE – Don’t get mad –

get even..


even more signatures!

Just to clarify a couple of points, there are two petitions regarding child abuse and the anti-smacking law

Petition 1. “Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in NZ”
Due date for required signatures June 29th
How many more signatures are needed 20,000

Reason? – because of the ‘audit process’ of signatures which still remains a slight mystery as to how it works, we would like to submit 20,000 more signatures than are needed – to avoid any doubt!!!

Petition 2. “Should the government give urgent priority to understanding and addressing the wider causes of family breakdown, family violence and child abuse in NZ”

Due date for required signatures Wednesday May 14th (yep – next week!)

– because this petition didn’t have the required number by the previous close-off date, it does not get the extra 2 month extension that the first petition does.

How many more signatures are needed – it’s going to be close on this one, and we are hoping for a favourable ‘audit’. Bottom line – we just need as many as you can get in the next 4-6 days


(and here’s the important


Please send in any petition forms you have

(even half completed forms)

by this coming MONDAY

i.e. post Saturday / courier Monday after weekend collecting



or here:


Thanks for your efforts on this. It is worth it.

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