FI383-Helen Clark’s new low-clarification

27 May 2008 – Family Integrity #383 — Helen Clark’s new low — clarification

Dear Friends,
Thanks so much for the feedback…more on this one than virtually any other.
I found that I have probably made a serious blunder.
I did not write the comments about Helen Clark below. They arrived in my inbox and I forwarded them. Turns out I cannot ascertain who actually wrote the comments. ( Comments came from:
This has caused people to question my credibility, the supposed (but erroneous) assumption that I wrote these words. While I did not write them, I do agree with them; let me make that perfectly clear. Listen to her say the very words at:

In fact, let me just repeat what to me was the most outrageous thing she ever said: March 4, 2003, page one of Dominion Post: When asked if it was the role of the government to fund a rich man’s boat race (she’d just offered to kick start NZ’s next America’s Cup challenge with $5.6million from our tax money), she replied that the role of the government was whatever the government determined that role to be.
If these words do not chill your blood in your veins, you are simply not alive.
Craig Smith


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