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3 July 2008 Family Integrity #415 — U4L; Help make change
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From: Craig Hill []
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2008 9:16 AM
Subject: U4L; Help make change

Hi All,

This message is to all who are in the Auckland region this coming Saturday. If you are available, we would like you to consider supporting the march against crime being held in Howick (see details below).

Why is it important?

Crime is a serious problem, our politicians don’t want to deal with it because they don’t have any real answers (being election year some may wish to talk about it, but that about as far as it goes).

For instance, we have already seen a red herring from Wellington, “to fix crime in Manurewa let’s blame liquor stores”. This was a deliberate smoke screen to divert peoples attention away from the real issue.

The real issue being, there is no respect for the law and our politicians don’t have the backbone to deal with it.

Personally, although I am not a liquor store fan, liquor stores may provide opportunity but it’s people who choose to commit crime.

This march is an opportunity to help change New Zealand for the good.

Details of march


On behalf of Peter Low, I’m sending you this urging you to spread the news to all your contacts.

Thank you.

Join the protest march against crime! – Saturday 5th July

The Asian Anti-crime Group in conjunction with a number of local community stakeholders will be holding a protest march against crime advocating for Tougher Sentencing on Saturday 5th July at 11.00am at Botany Downs, Auckland.
All supporters, members, non-members are encouraged to join the walk. Walkers will include members and volunteers from Asian Anti-crime Group, Sensible Sentencing Trust, Family First, the Korean, Sikh and Chinese community.

A big Thank You to the Manukau City Council and traffic co-ordinators for your assistance and support for this event.< New peaceful and safer a achieve to difference make support your show forward come should religion or race, of regardless community, The community. the benefit for held is event>


– Date: Saturday 5th July
– Time to meet: 10:30am-11:00am
– Time walk commences: 11:30am
– Assembly: Rugby field behind Botany Downs College (see A on map)
– If rugby field is muddy, assemble at the carpark beside the rugby field.

– Route of march : >From Botany Downs College, cross the road onto Chapel Road, turn left onto Ti Rakau Drive main road. Pass Te Koha Rd, and turn into the first left into the Eat Asian foodcourt parking behind the restaurat
Walk ends at Eat-Asian foodcourt (see B on map)

– Dress Code : Black (as if attending a funeral)
– Bring: Anything (flowers, billboards, etc) if you wish.

– Wear warm clothes, bring an umbrella just in case.
– Write anything on your placard, provided they are non-political, non-religious, non commercial and non-racial
– Organisers have the rights to remove any banner or placard if it deems not relevant for this event.
– Car Parking available:
Botany Town Centre, The HUB – Botany Downs (Eat Asian, Bedpost, Wendys, etc), Cumbrian Downs Shopping Centre (Kmart, Subway, Harvey Norman, Extreme Entertainment, etc), Pak n Save, Countdown, or offstreet parking – Lock your doors, don’t leave anything visible in the car!
– Do not park at Botany Downs College carpark.
– Refreshments are available at 12 Nandina Ave, East Tamaki after the walk (see map)
– If you have a plate of food to share please bring to 12 Nandina Ave, East Tamaki before attending the march.
Please read below and when walking, keep to the footpath!
Do not walk on the road by the kerb.
Do not attempt to cross a red light.
Follow all instructions from police wardens and co-ordinators.
If bringing children please mind them at all times.


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