“Give honour where honour is due.”

NCHR http://www.nkmr.org has been awarded the Society Magazine’s (Norway) Diploma of Honour.


Sweden: NCHR/NKMR, (Nordic Committee for Human Rights)

The reason for awarding our Diploma of Honour to the NCHR/NKMR is the organisation’s more than a decennium long struggle for the rights of individuals, and those of children and their families, to an independent life without unnecessary interference from the authorities.

Through their untiring work and unflinching efforts since the organisation was founded in 1996, the NCHR/NKMR has shown that it is primordial to fight for Human Rights. The road has been long. Despite set-backs and opposition the NCHR/NKMR has persevered and proven to be one of the few organisations in Scandinavia that really takes its work both seriously and conscientiously.


4 responses to ““Give honour where honour is due.””

  1. Congratulations Ruby and your team

  2. Lorna Harrold Gray Avatar
    Lorna Harrold Gray

    Congratulations, Ruby and the team! A just reward for a job well done.Keep it up
    TEAM indeed proves Together Each Achieves More.
    Nuff Luv and Blessings

  3. Lorna Harrold Gray Avatar
    Lorna Harrold Gray

    Congratulations, Ruby and Team. A job well done. TEAM indeed proves ‘Together Each Achieves More.
    Nuff Luv & Blessings

  4. Thanks Barbara.

    For more info. please see “Hedret for sin insats” followed by the English press release “Give honour where honour is due”:

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards


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