Kiwi Party Outlines Plans for Changes to Referenda Law

Embargoed till 11AM August 9th.

Announcing the results of the audit on the petition to force a referendum on the ‘Anti-smacking’ law, party leader Larry Baldock also outlined The Kiwi Party’s pledge to make changes to the Citizens Initiated Referenda Act (CIR) at its National Conference this weekend in Auckland.

“We are now certain to have a referendum which is great news. The audit carried out on the more than 390,000 signatures collected and handed in to parliament on 23rd June, has given sufficient valid signatures to assure the referendum should proceed as planned. The Government Statistician now has until 23rd August to complete their final analysis of the results before the Clerk delivers the verdict to the Speaker of the House. Based on the Chief Electoral Officer’s audit, I am very confident we will have succeeded. It has been a huge task and I am relieved that this stage of our fight against this undemocratic and stupid law is now over.” Mr Baldock said

“The Kiwi Party would make three changes to the current arrangements for Referenda:

“Decrease to 5% of the electoral role the requirement needed to force a referendum.  The current rate of 10% is too high and why so few ever succeed, and probably the way the National and Labour parties like it to be. While 42 CIR petitions have been started, only three have been completed in the past 14 years. Confirmation of the referendum on the ‘Anti-smacking’ law would be the fourth.

“Make referenda binding when they concern legislation already passed by Parliament.

“In the future, make all Private Members Bills subject to referenda before becoming law.

“It is of course disappointing that the Prime Minister is afraid to hold the referendum at the election, but her actions will only delay the inevitable.

“To ensure this referendum is respected it is essential that The Kiwi Party receives the support of those concerned about the Government trying to tell parents how to raise their children. We have a message to the good parents of New Zealand. Give the Kiwi Party your vote at this year’s election, and once the result of the referendum is known, we pledge to make sure it is gone by lunchtime.” Mr Baldock said.


Larry Baldock Party Leader



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