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Change anti-smacking bill

Letters To The Editor


Thursday, 29 May 2008
By George Patterson

When National becomes the Government, as I’m sure they will, I hope they have another look at the anti-smacking legislation. It is based on flawed ideology.

I believe the vast majority of New Zealanders are not child-beaters, but we feel that we should have the right to reprimand our youngsters when they have done something wrong. Again, I don’t think my mother caused me any harm when she gave me a slap around the legs with the thin willow switch because I wouldn’t stop kicking the football against the kitchen wall. And when I broke the window and scampered, I know I deserved the couple of swipes she aimed at me.

I know that the tragic deaths of the Kahui twins and other children suggests the legislation is right. But surely that’s different.

George Patterson


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